Facebook Targeted Advertising for Your Business

It’s not news to anyone that advertisements are running the show on Facebook these days. If you check Facebook on a fairly regular basis, you’ve surely come across ads that seem suspiciously directed at you. You might have an inclination about how these ads ended up on your news feed, but have you realized that businesses use Facebook targeted advertising to reach the people who are the most likely to give them their business? And if you do, do you know how it works?

Facebook gives you the power to target specific groups of people who are highly engaged with what your business offers through a series of questions. Compared to the average online reach of 38% for narrowly targeted campaigns, Facebook is 89% accurate. When you target your ad, you’re choosing the exact audience who you want to see your ad. It can be as specific or as broad as you like.

The Facebook targeted advertising techniques to help your business grow:

  • Location You can reach customers in key locations by country, state/province, city and zip code. You can also target by radius from a city, or select to include cities within a selected mile radius. There’s even the option to exclude locations. This last option could be useful if you’re already targeting to that specific location in other ad sets so you won't put out redundant ads.
  • Demographics You can refine your ad’s target audience based on content people have shared about themselves in their Facebook profiles, such as: age, gender, relationship status, education and type of work they do.
  • Interests Interest targeting allows you to define your ideal audience by their interests, hobbies and the pages they like on Facebook. For example, if you’re in the business of selling vintage clothing online, you can target customers in the sub-category Vintage clothing of the category Shopping and fashion.
  • Behaviors These are activities that people do on or off Facebook that inform on which device they’re using, purchase behaviors or intents, travel preferences and more. Behaviors are constructed from both activity on Facebook and offline activity provided by data from Facebook’s third-party partners.
  • Advanced targeting This includes:
  1. Custom Audiences - Targeting Facebook Ads to existing customers or prospects using information you already have.
  2. Lookalike Audiences - Finding people who are similar to your customers or prospects to target to.
  3. Custom Audiences from your website - Remarketing to people on Facebook who’ve already visited your website.
  • Audience reach You can watch the meter next to the 'Audiences' section to see how many people your Facebook Ads could potentially reach. A broad reach will of course show your ads to the most people, but a narrow one helps you hone in on specific customers who matter most to your business.

The more specific you get with your audience, the better, because the people that DO see your ad are more likely to click on it. This results in a much better value for your money.

Creating your Facebook targeted ads is only the first step. Once you’ve targeted your ideal audience through social media, you have to keep them engaged. The power of social media management isn’t all about that perfect ad or catchy slogan, but it’s about building relationships and offering up content that makes your customers “want” to follow your page. At Mediaura, we build strong relationships with our clients so we can help them engage their audience in the most constructive way possible. Pushing a product or service isn’t the best way to convert your audience into paying customers. It takes communication and building a trustworthy relationship with your prospective clientele. By providing rich, interactive content on social media, your business becomes more interesting and enticing to your customers. At this point, they should want to spread the word for you.

At Mediaura we know it’s not just about buying ad space, it’s about being smart and realizing how to take advantage of these low cost advertising avenues that offer clients much more value for their budget. Today’s economy requires businesses to have a strong social media presence if they want to be successful. Mediaura works closely with your team to create an authentic branding strategy that will boost consumer engagement on your social media platforms in a big way. To find out more about our social media management team or any of our other services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


Micro Mobile Moments and Your Brand

Mobile success is a matter of capturing mobile moments. Whether it’s the moment when you set out on a run and want to know if it’s going to rain or the moment you see the news that hints it’s time to sell your stock, the key is to design applications and sites that deliver the exact, relevant interaction in a mobile moment.

But, these mobile moments – the moments in which a person pulls out their mobile device to get what he or she wants, quickly and in context – are shrinking. Pretty soon, even apps will be overkill. Nowadays people not only want, but they expect instant mobile gratification. They want their information in a micro moment – a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and deliver information they can consume or act on immediately.

Already, the tiniest moments are speedy calls to action. You wake up when your alarm goes off. You stop at a red light. Your phone already engages you with signals like this called push notifications. You get a reminder when your next hair appointment is or who won a ballgame you’re invested in. Then you act on these notifications, even if the act is just quick acknowledgment.

These aren’t just mobile moments: they are micro moments. And micro moments are the next big thing for mobile. Mediaura knows that the technology to act in micro moments is already happening – in the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile system, iOS 8, you can take action quickly in response to a push notification. And other technologies and analytics create the pinpoint context to make micro moments relevant so you only get the notifications you choose.

Micro Moments and Wearables

There’s been a lot of recent buzz about wearables like the Smartwatch and Google Glass, and micro moments are what they’re made for. Wearable tech is the next chapter of the mobile revolution. One in five Americans already owns a wearable device, and a third of consumers aware of wearable tech say they’re likely to buy a device in the near future.

So how do micro moments help your business?

  • Get targeted customers to buy on an impulse.

There's a wine company, for example, which sends a notification that sounds like clinking glasses telling you the wine of the day. “Buy a bottle and get a great deal – if it’s not too late!” In one day, this company sold 105,000 bottles. Flash sales like that are perfect ways to win in a micro moment.

  • Alert people to take action.

Nike tells people when their shoes are about to wear out. Walgreens reminds you to refill your prescription. Sephora tells you when you are near a store and how you can get rewards benefits. These are immediate pieces of information that customers probably aren’t thinking about until that moment, and most of the time, this call to action works.

  • Alert people no action is required.

Businesses can even send simple notifications telling you your package has arrived or an insurance claim has been processed where no action is required.

The four-step IDEA process

There is a four-step cycle that includes identifying, designing, engineering and analyzing to create the best possible targeted micro moments for your company.

  • Identify the simplest interactions. What can you inform your target audience about in a moment? There are options for every type of business, and at Mediaura we work with you to create the best ones.
  • Design the interaction and make it as simple as it can be. Choose events that people can react to in the real world or can reply to with a yes/no answer.
  • Engineer a quick feedback loop. Determine the desired response be integrating consumer profiles built over time with real-time context.
  • Analyze the results. Your timing must be perfect.

How Mediaura Can Help

Instead of customers intentionally using apps a few times a day, at Mediaura we think about how our clients can engage customers in 5-10 second interactions many times a day. We can help you to create brilliant notifications that give your consumers the power to respond to messages, set preferences and take action through the simple tap of a button. For additional information about how we can help take your mobile to the next level, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 today to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


Why Good Web Hosting is Crucial

Most business owners understand the value of having good content on their websites and blogs, but the importance of selecting a good web host often takes a backseat. As a business, big or small, you have to evaluate your needs properly before making a decision on hosting. Many companies don’t understand their needs and what could happen if they make the wrong choice. Choosing the wrong web-hosting provider can have a seriously negative impact on your income.

Major downsides to making the wrong hosting choice:

Loss of revenue: If your site goes down, your potential customers go down, too. Without a working online site no one can learn about your products and services. If you host an online store, the outcome is even worse as you’ll lose out on potential sales and income. Amazon had a 40-minute outage once and it cost them roughly $5 million dollars. Having your site go down should never be an option.

Negative effect on your SEO Ranking: Good content marketing means high search result rankings so customers can easily find you. If your site is repeatedly down when search engines are attempting to visit, be prepared to experience adverse affects. Even if your site isn’t down, a slow website is still a killer when it comes to rankings.

Security and Malware Attacks: Many web host providers expect you to manage your own system on their hardware, including backups and security. This could result in hours or days of being offline if there’s an equipment failure. At Mediaura we back up your data to our secure virtual private cloud with enterprise level hardware and cutting edge technology. All failovers are fixed in 30 seconds. We also assist with technical support, maintenance and security issues 24 hours a day.

Why Choose Mediaura 

When it comes to hosting solutions, we’re different from the competition. Plain and simple, our dedication to speed, security and customer support is second-to-none. As more businesses develop an online presence, the risk of attracting hackers increases. Some of these hackers are looking to compromise the security of your business and your clients. Humans only generate 49% of all Internet traffic, so you really don’t know who or what is visiting your website.

Mediaura takes your security very seriously with secure, hardware firewall access enabled on all of our solutions. This solution is typically only available to large enterprise clients, but we package ours as an affordable SMB offering because no one should have their reputation and hard work be destroyed due to an attack on their system. Building an amazing website or mobile app means nothing if the infrastructure supporting it fails.

We Can Help

At Mediaura we understand that Internet Security can seem overwhelming. That is why partnering with a digital agency that not only understands the industry, but also places your security at the top is a smart decision. We are a full service industry and our solution was built by experts with over 25 years of experience. Contact us or call 502-554-9649 to learn more about our web hosting solutions or any of our other services today.


Consumer Engagement on Social Media

Social media platforms have continued to emerge and evolve over time, which causes changes in the way consumers engage with brands. Keeping up with the latest social media trends can be daunting, and in today’s world, the use of pictures to create more meaningful connections with customers has taken precedence over the use of text.

Consumers are generating 2.5 billion images every week with Facebook and Instagram alone. Combine these numbers with Pinterest and Tumblr and it’s already clear that people prefer the use of imagery in advertising to words. Pinterest is driving substantial results for brands and is the Web’s third-largest traffic referral source with 70% of users on Pinterest looking for shopping inspiration. Similarly, there are 45 million photos shared on Instagram daily.

So how can a digital marketer find success in a world of marketing without words?

This fundamental shift in consumer engagement on social media has created confusion for many brands about how to best use images in the most meaningful way. At Mediaura, we are experts at this stuff. Using computer algorithms and gathered data, we can decode which image characteristics attract the most consumer engagement.

5 Big Reasons Why Images are Important

1. Articles with images get 94% more total views

2. Including a photo in a press release increases views by over 45%

3. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in the search results

4. 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is very important in selecting and purchasing a product

5. Engagement rate on Facebook for photos averages 37% higher than engagement for text.

Some interesting facts on the types of photos that attract the most pins and likes:

• Images with multiple dominant colors are over 3 times as likely to be shared than images with a single dominant color.

• Brand images without faces in pictures receive 23% more repins.

• Images with high lightness generate 24% more likes than dark images.

• Images with blue as the dominant color generate 24% more likes than images that are predominantly red.

• Images with a single dominant color generate 17% more likes than images with multiple dominant colors.

Engagement marketing is part of a holistic approach to online marketing. It is more than just posting and pinning images, but also about listening and responding to target customers. You can use social data to make your business smarter based on how your audience engages.

Importance of Real-Time Interaction

To build customer loyalty and your brand overall, you need to keep customers engaged in a continuous dialogue. The challenge here doesn’t necessarily arise from a lack of content, but in determining the best way to use personalized, real-time social media images with content in a valuable, relevant and timely manner. This is where Mediaura comes in. We work closely with your business to create an authentic branding strategy that will boost your consumer engagement in a big way. Evaluating which photos are receiving the most attention and giving your audience what they want is what we do best.

How We Can Help

Mediaura’s results are proven. We gather all information available about your users, demographics and usage data to help your business adapt to new visual conversations. Allow us to reframe these challenges as opportunities for your social media presence to thrive. Utilizing the right images on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have been proven to drive higher engagement and sales. For more information about Social Media management or for any of our other services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


What's In A Logo?

Today, there are more products and services out on the market than there have ever been before. Almost every company is competing with other businesses that sell the same or similar things. Therefore, it is vital that a company distinguishes itself from its competitors with a strong company image that is immediately recognizable. Logos are a major part of this image because they establish a visual identity for your company. Here at Mediaura, our design team works closely with our clients to take their ideas and visions to the next level where we bring your logo to life.

What makes a great logo?

As a client, it isn’t your job to know what it takes to implement the perfect logo. You may have an idea of what you want, or you might even have the perfect vision of what you want, but it takes someone with an experienced eye and a strong knowledge of branding solutions to deliver an excellent final product. The designers at Mediaura have effectively done this time and time again.

When it comes to your logo, whether you already have one or not, you should think about these top five elements to determine the strength of your branding.

Simplicity. According to Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer best known for the “I Love New York” logo, the first step to creating a great, memorable logo is knowing that simplicity is key. If a logo is too busy, no one will remember it. Your logo should serve as an instant reminder to the general public of your company or product. A simple logo allows for easy recognition and versatility. And just because it’s a simple image doesn’t rule out the possibility to create something unexpected and unique. Remember the “K.I.S.S. Principle”: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Unique. Stay away from overly used icons. A logo doesn’t need to say what a company does. The Apple logo isn’t a computer, the McDonald’s logo isn’t a hamburger and the Starbucks logo isn’t coffee beans. But we all immediately think of their logos whenever we hear their names, right? Avoid the clichés, which are typically the first ideas to pop into your head when brainstorming and for the same reason should be the first ideas discarded. For example, light bulbs for ‘ideas’ and globes for ‘international’ are visual clichés that have been overplayed. You want a fresh, original idea so your company stands out against the rest.

Adaptability. Strong logos translate well across different mediums. Will your logo have the same meaning on a business card, as it will on a billboard? Simplicity and adaptability go hand in hand because if the design is simple, it allows for flexibility in size. If a logo doesn’t reproduce well on a small scale it causes problems for a brand’s clarity and value. It should also reproduce well in black and white. An effective logo must be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications.

Timelessness. The neutrality of a design makes a logo timeless. Think about the NBC Universal logo for example; it makes use of clean lines and symmetry. Even though it’s been changed over the years, the timeless elements remain. When coming up with your logo the future should definitely be an element that’s considered. There is no reason your logo shouldn’t still be effective in 20 to 50 years time.

Appropriateness. Before embarking on a marketing campaign, you have to nail down your target audience in order for your logo to serve its intended purpose. A logo must accurately reflect a company’s culture and values. In other words, we design for your company’s essence. It’s important to think about how the colors in your logo reflect your brand values as well. Different colors represent different emotions and can be very subjective. However, color can distract from the overall design. First work in black and white to ensure the logo looks good in it’s simplest form.

We Can Help

At Mediaura, our designers go through a very important branding process for your company. We offer a design brief and do research on your industry and into logo designs that have been successful for companies with similar backgrounds. Whether you’re a business that’s just getting off the ground or you’re already established and looking to freshen up your site, we offer the graphic solutions to fit your needs.

We offer full branding solutions such as logos and marketing materials as well as apparel, packaging, and advertising solutions. No project is too big or too small, to be handled effectively, professionally, and most importantly, affordable.

If you would like to learn how working with our award-winning Graphic Design team will benefit your business, Contact Us or give us a call at 502-554-9649. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.


Being Mobile-Friendly is Essential SEO

Lets face it: if you want your business to be relevant on Google in 2015, having a mobile friendly website is a must.

Recently, Google began giving websites mobile-friendly labels, if they’ve earned the title, and rewarding these sites with special treatment in regards to their ranking algorithm. This decision was only logical considering mobile Internet usage has more than doubled in the past year and a half.

Responsive design and mobile websites are nothing new. And up until recently, the value and reason behind making sure your website offers a mobile friendly experience has primarily been supported by the steady rise of mobile traffic that marketers have all seen in the past few years. But now that Google has made having a mobile optimized website a key ranking factor for searches, there is a ton of emphasis on giving users the mobile experience they want.

How Mobile-Friendly Will Benefit You:

Increased mobile visits

Failing to have a mobile-friendly website will negatively impact your website’s click-through rate (CTR). If a user performs a search on their mobile device and four out of five top results have the “mobile-friendly” label, the user will absolutely give preference to these labeled results. The effects of this happening overtime can be detrimental for your online presence.

Higher mobile rankings

Google automatically ranks sites that are mobile-friendly higher in order to give mobile searchers a better user-experience, but also demotes sites that aren’t optimized for mobile.

Increased revenue from mobile

Lacking a mobile-friendly website at a time when so many people are using mobile devices to find products and services is essentially handing customers over to your competition. In 2015 prospective customers will find the path of least resistance, which is whatever site is mobile-friendly.

Mediaura Can Help

At Mediaura we go above and beyond to guarantee your organization has a successful SEO strategy with a mobile-friendly website. Everyday we see our clients’ benefit from more click-throughs, higher rankings and most importantly, increased revenue.

For additional information about leveraging your digital or for any of our other services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 today to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


Mediaura develops microsite for AAF-Louisville

Mediaura was honored to have been asked to sponsor the 2015 AAF-Louisville Louie Gala. As a long time supporter of AAF-Louisville and the organization's mission, we were proud to bring attention and facilitate the voting for the 2015 People's Choice Award. In addition, Mediaura also worked to develop a platform and monitor live Tweeting for this high-profile event.

Our Director of Digital Marketing, Dawn Geary sits on the Board of Directors for AAF-Louisville and is a committee member for the 2015 Louie Gala; she was contacted a week ago by the AAF-Louisville organization asking if it would be possible for Mediaura to sponsor the People's Choice Award and develop a platform for live voting at the event ae well as handle the live tweets before the ceremony. CEO Andrew Aebersold and our team quickly accepted the challenge and began development of a microsite that leveraged our digital capabilities to make this quick-turnaround as seamless as possible.

Live Tweeting

Prior to the keynote presentation of the Louie Gala, attendees were encourage to live tweet their thoughts at the event utilizing the hashtag #LouieEnvy. Members of our digital team set up a process that would aggregate any Twitter mentions of #LouieEnvy, #LouieAwards, and mentions of @AdFedLou to a back-end monitoring system. Mediaura also worked with the Fun Time Photo Booth vendor to display images taken at the photobooth upstairs on the Twitter feed as well. The live feed was displayed on two large screens on either side of the award stage. Team members from Mediaura were on hand to monitor and approve all Twitter submissions prior to their display at the event.

Live Tweet

People's Choice Award Voting

The AAF-Louisville Louie Gala People's Choice Award recognizes the best of the best of the Louie award winners. Only select winners are eligible for this prestigious recognition, therefore Mediaura wanted to create a voting method that was as innovative as the nominees. Voting is only open for a brief window of time during the awards presentation, so we had to develop a mobile-friendly method that could be available to attendees and raise awareness prior to voting becoming available to them.

Our designs were created to follow the aesthetic feel of the Louie Gala (purple and gold), and to bring focus to the award itself. Leveraging smartphone technology Mediaura built the microsite on Flash (a Python framework), incorporating a MySQL database, with hosting on PythonAnywhere for a cloud solution, the Mediaura development team was able to fully-realize the needs of AAF-Louisville within a few days. The theme of the 2015 awards was "Louie Envy" and Mediaura wanted to incorporate this theme into the design as well.

Prior To Voting

Visitors that came to www.louieawards.com prior to voting was opened were met with a splash page design that highlighted the award. This prevented anyone voting for an award during the ceremony, prior to the announcement that voting was opened.


Voting Opens

Once it was announced during the ceremony that voting was opened, our development team was able to immediately turn on voting capabilities for the end-user. On the screen, users could see the nominees that were eligible for the People's Choice and select those they wanted to see win the award.

When a user made their selection, their choice would be marked and highlighted for them. They would then simply be required to hit "submit" for their vote to be processed.


After users submitted their vote, they would see a "Thank You" page to let them know that their vote had been successfully submitted and processed.


Voting Ends

If a users refreshed the www.louieawards.com website and tried to vote again, they could not vote twice but would only see this screen. On the back-end, the votes were calculated through the database so that Mediaura could provide AAF-Louisville results in "real time" and immediately when voting eligibilty ceased. Over 200 unique votes were cast and the 2015 People's Choice Award was presented to the winner, all of this within a 5-minute window of time.

This entire endeavor was a complete success and we are extremely proud of our design and development team for helping to create this in such a short amount of time. It was a smooth process for all involved, thoroughly tested, and was implemented without any complications whatsoever.

Let Our Digital Team Help You

We know how to build websites to maximize your visibility and help you achieve your goals. As a full-service digital agency, we help our clients increase their ROI by leveraging digital solutions.

For additional information about leveraging your digital or for any of our other services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 today to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


Get Website Users Converting Into Customers

“Build it, and they will come” is the credo that many organizations have for their digital marketing efforts. While they are to be applauded for venturing into the digital realm with their advertising, simply building a website isn’t enough.

These days the “build it” portion is much more complex than ever before, and websites that are designed without best user interface practices in mind will not find success. Users find your website, but don't feel compelled to do much more beyond that. However, companies that take a structured and organized approach towards optimizing their conversion rates are twice as likely to see a large increase in their sales.

Get Your Website To Work For You

Did you know that studies have shown you have less than 10 seconds to convince visitors to stay on your landing page? Users that don’t feel as if their needs are being addressed, cannot navigate efficiently, or are simply overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with your design will be gone.

According to reports the most relevant type of conversions are:

  • Sales
  • Sign-ups/Registrations

Considering how important conversion rates are to the bottom-line of many organizations, you think they would test and run experiments to see what works for their unique consumer. Yet 61% of companies do less than 5 tests per month.

Approximately 96% of visitors that will come to your website are not ready to buy, so it becomes even more paramount to win them over – and make it easy for them to convert. If you're not taking the time and putting in the effort to maximize your conversions, you could be losing money and clients to your competitors.

Make Your Unique Value Proposition(s) Clear

Many companies fail to highlight their value in the correct manner on their landing page. Also known as the unique selling proposition (USP), your UVP is a clear statement that describes the benefit of what you are offering, how you solve consumer needs and what it is that distinguishes you from your competition.

Don’t confuse this with your mission statement. This is a common mistake I see many businesses making with their website's landing page. Your mission statement is business-centric, whereas your value proposition is visitor-centric. Your UVP should clearly speak to your visitor’s needs.

If your visitors don’t see the benefit of signing up, or they have to click-away in order to do so, they are more likely to search for a solution elsewhere.

If they leave your landing page prematurely because of a message that isn’t compelling or a process that is too demanding of their time, you’ll have about a 0% chance of converting them into a sales or a lead. In this scenario, you’ve built your website, they’re coming, but they are leaving you with nothing to show for it.

What Makes A Good UVP?

No matter what type of service or product your organization offers, there are a few elements to keep in mind:

  • Quickly and clearly convey the value of what you are offering.
  • Explain how your service/product is different from that of your competitors.
  • State benefits as well as features.
  • Address the key needs and main points of your target audience and underline how your offering is the solution.
  • Avoid superlatives such as “the best” or “world-class,” as well as any jargon or acronyms.
  • Use layman’s terms to convey your offering to even the most uninitiated audience.
  • Use customer-centric language rather than company-centric language (remember, this is NOT your mission statement). Steer clear of using the words “we,” “our” or “I.”

Keep Them Longer Than 10 Seconds

You may know your UVP by heart but your visitors don’t, so make it loud and clear.

How can you ensure your UVP is quickly noticed and understood by your visitors within those first 10 critical seconds of them arriving on your landing page?

  • Have a short but powerful headline that helps summarize a key aspect of your UVP (in less than 10 words).
  • Have a supporting sub-headline or short paragraph to help explain or clarify your UVP.
  • Have a short bulleted list of the benefits/advantages of using your product/service with supporting visual imagery (for example: icons, badges or a hero shot).
  • Show all of the elements above the page fold (the area that visitors can see initially without having to scroll).

If you want users to sign-up, register, call or email - make it simple. You should require the least amount of information possible. Remember the more you ask for, the more time you’re giving them to reconsider volunteering the information.

Contact forms should be short and sweet and displayed prominently above the fold. Phone numbers should be easily accessible. Store locations or address information (if necessary) should take users very little time to get to.

Perform A/B tests to see what method users respond to; don’t make the mistake of knowing how they’ll respond.

Mediaura Can Help

We know how to build websites to maximize your visibility and help you achieve your goals. As a full-service digital agency, we help our clients increase their ROI by leveraging digital solutions.

For additional information about leveraging your digital or for any of our other services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 today to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


Leveraging Your Digital Platform

Is your business’s marketing department leveraging your digital platform in the best possible way?

Here’s the thing: Many companies need sophisticated digital marketing help even if they have an in-house marketing department.

For most businesses, their internal advertising and marketing departments simply aren’t able to keep up with the ever-changing digital arena in an effective way. The digital landscape has become so dense and specialized that it would be too overwhelming for an in-house employee (or even a few) to manage the requirements of an ongoing digital marketing strategy.

There is so much more that goes into digital marketing beyond just having an appealing, interactive website coupled with a presence on social media platforms. Truly effective digital advertising requires several crucial facets that many businesses do not even think or know about.

In this blog post we want to discuss what it actually means to leverage your traditional marketing on a digital platform and to show how Mediaura can take your company to the next level.

Did you know that $135 billion dollars is projected to be spent on new digital marketing tools and materials this year by global advertising teams? Brands have more options today than ever before, and without a digital marketing agency in your corner, more options mean more confusion for your team members. Trying to master the nuances, platforms, tracking services and strategies it takes to keep up in this day and age is next to impossible when you’re trying to run a company that is focused on developing and refining products and services. It just makes sense to use a full-service digital agency such as Mediaura for not only organizing the chaos, but also leveraging your digital presence to help build your company’s awareness, drive leads, and convert new customers.

Although creating an effective web strategy isn’t rocket science, it does take a team of professionals to make it count. Mediaura prides itself on its skilled team of experts. Each member plays a very important and specific role in perfecting our clients’ digital marketing goals.

So, what are these vital areas of your campaign you are probably missing or misusing, you ask? To explain, I give you:

The Pie Chart of Leveragability!

digital marketing

These 8 tools are intertwining elements that will help your business reach it’s full online potential. Think of it this way, if one piece of the pie is missing, 1/8th of your potential isn’t being met. For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing because SEO keywords help you rank better organically in the search engine’s results, setting a solid foundation before you use PPC to help guide your organic efforts. Good content should be filled with SEO keyword rich information about your products and services that isn’t overwhelming to your reader. And of course, just getting people to your website isn’t the end of the road.

Analytics help us track and analyze visitor traffic on your site and paint a picture of your audience and their needs. Mediaura can help you discover not only who your potential customers are, but where they are as well, which can be an incredibly important tool.

Having a strong social media presence allows you to engage your audience, form a relationship with them and answer their questions. It plays a huge role in reputation management, which is no longer just a method to hide unwanted negative reviews (if you haven’t yet, read Dawn’s ‘Are You Protecting Your Reputation?’ blog!), but it is a way to be sure your company is always being shown in the best light.

There will always be people who visit your site, but just don’t convert. Remarketing gives you the chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to the products or services on your site. Remarketing gives you another chance to seal the deal and can lead to dynamic results. Leveraging your digital platform isn’t a one-time job, but an ongoing project. These different tools all go hand-in-hand to create amazing results for your business, and Mediaura is here to not only implement this process, but also maintain it to keep your company ahead of the game.

Let Mediaura Leverage Your Digital Platform

At Mediaura, this is what we do. We know the ins and outs of an effective, result driven digital marketing campaign. Our team is qualified to give you a fresh, creative marketing perspective that we guarantee will be 100% suited to your business’s needs. Show your targeted audience YOU are the best fit for their needs. Don’t be the company that misses out on potential customers because you can’t keep up with your online presence. For additional information about leveraging your digital or for any of our other services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 today to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


Melissa McCarty Joins The Mediaura Team

Mediaura, a full service digital agency specializing in online marketing and programming solutions, is pleased to announce that Melissa McCarty has joined their team as the Account Executive.

McCarty, who had been Account Executive at Creative Alliance (now SCOPPECHIO) and more recently Sales Manager at Buca di Beppo, will use her experience in advertising and sales to manage accounts and oversee the strategy, development and execution of their respective projects with Mediaura.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mediaura when I was at Creative Alliance,” said McCarty. “We had tons of success on rebuilding our client's SEO, website and digital strategy. I was able to see first-hand the importance and need for a strong digital presence for many brands.”

“When a position became available at Mediaura I knew I was ready to become a part of a business that is evolving and progressing brands to the next level. As the new Account Executive for Mediaura, I am excited to manage existing projects, but also to collaborate with Director of Sales and Marketing Ashley Blakemore on new business development and digital strategy to propel our initiatives and drive success for our clientele in 2015.”

Blakemore said, "Melissa is a great addition to Mediaura. She brings a lot of energy, confidence and strategic digital thinking to our account service team. Her experience in client relations will be essential in not only providing exceptional service to the client, but growth and results that the client wants."

McCarty received her Bachelors of Science with a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Western Kentucky University.

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