Get Website Users Converting Into Customers

“Build it, and they will come” is the credo that many organizations have for their digital marketing efforts. While they are to be applauded for venturing into the digital realm with their advertising, simply building a website isn’t enough.

These days the “build it” portion is much more complex than ever before, and websites that are designed without best user interface practices in mind will not find success. Users find your website, but don't feel compelled to do much more beyond that. However, companies that take a structured and organized approach towards optimizing their conversion rates are twice as likely to see a large increase in their sales.

Get Your Website To Work For You

Did you know that studies have shown you have less than 10 seconds to convince visitors to stay on your landing page? Users that don’t feel as if their needs are being addressed, cannot navigate efficiently, or are simply overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) with your design will be gone.

According to reports the most relevant type of conversions are:

  • Sales
  • Sign-ups/Registrations

Considering how important conversion rates are to the bottom-line of many organizations, you think they would test and run experiments to see what works for their unique consumer. Yet 61% of companies do less than 5 tests per month.

Approximately 96% of visitors that will come to your website are not ready to buy, so it becomes even more paramount to win them over – and make it easy for them to convert. If you're not taking the time and putting in the effort to maximize your conversions, you could be losing money and clients to your competitors.

Make Your Unique Value Proposition(s) Clear

Many companies fail to highlight their value in the correct manner on their landing page. Also known as the unique selling proposition (USP), your UVP is a clear statement that describes the benefit of what you are offering, how you solve consumer needs and what it is that distinguishes you from your competition.

Don’t confuse this with your mission statement. This is a common mistake I see many businesses making with their website's landing page. Your mission statement is business-centric, whereas your value proposition is visitor-centric. Your UVP should clearly speak to your visitor’s needs.

If your visitors don’t see the benefit of signing up, or they have to click-away in order to do so, they are more likely to search for a solution elsewhere.

If they leave your landing page prematurely because of a message that isn’t compelling or a process that is too demanding of their time, you’ll have about a 0% chance of converting them into a sales or a lead. In this scenario, you’ve built your website, they’re coming, but they are leaving you with nothing to show for it.

What Makes A Good UVP?

No matter what type of service or product your organization offers, there are a few elements to keep in mind:

  • Quickly and clearly convey the value of what you are offering.
  • Explain how your service/product is different from that of your competitors.
  • State benefits as well as features.
  • Address the key needs and main points of your target audience and underline how your offering is the solution.
  • Avoid superlatives such as “the best” or “world-class,” as well as any jargon or acronyms.
  • Use layman’s terms to convey your offering to even the most uninitiated audience.
  • Use customer-centric language rather than company-centric language (remember, this is NOT your mission statement). Steer clear of using the words “we,” “our” or “I.”

Keep Them Longer Than 10 Seconds

You may know your UVP by heart but your visitors don’t, so make it loud and clear.

How can you ensure your UVP is quickly noticed and understood by your visitors within those first 10 critical seconds of them arriving on your landing page?

  • Have a short but powerful headline that helps summarize a key aspect of your UVP (in less than 10 words).
  • Have a supporting sub-headline or short paragraph to help explain or clarify your UVP.
  • Have a short bulleted list of the benefits/advantages of using your product/service with supporting visual imagery (for example: icons, badges or a hero shot).
  • Show all of the elements above the page fold (the area that visitors can see initially without having to scroll).

If you want users to sign-up, register, call or email - make it simple. You should require the least amount of information possible. Remember the more you ask for, the more time you’re giving them to reconsider volunteering the information.

Contact forms should be short and sweet and displayed prominently above the fold. Phone numbers should be easily accessible. Store locations or address information (if necessary) should take users very little time to get to.

Perform A/B tests to see what method users respond to; don’t make the mistake of knowing how they’ll respond.

Mediaura Can Help

We know how to build websites to maximize your visibility and help you achieve your goals. As a full-service digital agency, we help our clients increase their ROI by leveraging digital solutions.

For additional information about leveraging your digital or for any of our other services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 today to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


Leveraging Your Digital Platform

Is your business’s marketing department leveraging your digital platform in the best possible way?

Here’s the thing: Many companies need sophisticated digital marketing help even if they have an in-house marketing department.

For most businesses, their internal advertising and marketing departments simply aren’t able to keep up with the ever-changing digital arena in an effective way. The digital landscape has become so dense and specialized that it would be too overwhelming for an in-house employee (or even a few) to manage the requirements of an ongoing digital marketing strategy.

There is so much more that goes into digital marketing beyond just having an appealing, interactive website coupled with a presence on social media platforms. Truly effective digital advertising requires several crucial facets that many businesses do not even think or know about.

In this blog post we want to discuss what it actually means to leverage your traditional marketing on a digital platform and to show how Mediaura can take your company to the next level.

Did you know that $135 billion dollars is projected to be spent on new digital marketing tools and materials this year by global advertising teams? Brands have more options today than ever before, and without a digital marketing agency in your corner, more options mean more confusion for your team members. Trying to master the nuances, platforms, tracking services and strategies it takes to keep up in this day and age is next to impossible when you’re trying to run a company that is focused on developing and refining products and services. It just makes sense to use a full-service digital agency such as Mediaura for not only organizing the chaos, but also leveraging your digital presence to help build your company’s awareness, drive leads, and convert new customers.

Although creating an effective web strategy isn’t rocket science, it does take a team of professionals to make it count. Mediaura prides itself on its skilled team of experts. Each member plays a very important and specific role in perfecting our clients’ digital marketing goals.

So, what are these vital areas of your campaign you are probably missing or misusing, you ask? To explain, I give you:

The Pie Chart of Leveragability!

digital marketing

These 8 tools are intertwining elements that will help your business reach it’s full online potential. Think of it this way, if one piece of the pie is missing, 1/8th of your potential isn’t being met. For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing because SEO keywords help you rank better organically in the search engine’s results, setting a solid foundation before you use PPC to help guide your organic efforts. Good content should be filled with SEO keyword rich information about your products and services that isn’t overwhelming to your reader. And of course, just getting people to your website isn’t the end of the road.

Analytics help us track and analyze visitor traffic on your site and paint a picture of your audience and their needs. Mediaura can help you discover not only who your potential customers are, but where they are as well, which can be an incredibly important tool.

Having a strong social media presence allows you to engage your audience, form a relationship with them and answer their questions. It plays a huge role in reputation management, which is no longer just a method to hide unwanted negative reviews (if you haven’t yet, read Dawn’s ‘Are You Protecting Your Reputation?’ blog!), but it is a way to be sure your company is always being shown in the best light.

There will always be people who visit your site, but just don’t convert. Remarketing gives you the chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to the products or services on your site. Remarketing gives you another chance to seal the deal and can lead to dynamic results. Leveraging your digital platform isn’t a one-time job, but an ongoing project. These different tools all go hand-in-hand to create amazing results for your business, and Mediaura is here to not only implement this process, but also maintain it to keep your company ahead of the game.

Let Mediaura Leverage Your Digital Platform

At Mediaura, this is what we do. We know the ins and outs of an effective, result driven digital marketing campaign. Our team is qualified to give you a fresh, creative marketing perspective that we guarantee will be 100% suited to your business’s needs. Show your targeted audience YOU are the best fit for their needs. Don’t be the company that misses out on potential customers because you can’t keep up with your online presence. For additional information about leveraging your digital or for any of our other services, please Contact Us or call Mediaura at (502) 554-9649 today to get your digital presence where it needs to be.


Melissa McCarty Joins The Mediaura Team

Mediaura, a full service digital agency specializing in online marketing and programming solutions, is pleased to announce that Melissa McCarty has joined their team as the Account Executive.

McCarty, who had been Account Executive at Creative Alliance (now SCOPPECHIO) and more recently Sales Manager at Buca di Beppo, will use her experience in advertising and sales to manage accounts and oversee the strategy, development and execution of their respective projects with Mediaura.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mediaura when I was at Creative Alliance,” said McCarty. “We had tons of success on rebuilding our client's SEO, website and digital strategy. I was able to see first-hand the importance and need for a strong digital presence for many brands.”

“When a position became available at Mediaura I knew I was ready to become a part of a business that is evolving and progressing brands to the next level. As the new Account Executive for Mediaura, I am excited to manage existing projects, but also to collaborate with Director of Sales and Marketing Ashley Blakemore on new business development and digital strategy to propel our initiatives and drive success for our clientele in 2015.”

Blakemore said, "Melissa is a great addition to Mediaura. She brings a lot of energy, confidence and strategic digital thinking to our account service team. Her experience in client relations will be essential in not only providing exceptional service to the client, but growth and results that the client wants."

McCarty received her Bachelors of Science with a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Western Kentucky University.


Are You Spending Your Digital Marketing Budget Correctly?

Clients often come to Mediaura knowing that they need SEO but not quite understanding what it is or how it works. The reality of the situation is that SEO is not really as arcane as some companies would have you believe, nor is it as simple as others would like to make it. While it is strategically a rather straight-forward process, it is also a bit of a complex one. There are a lot of moving parts to Search Engine Optimizaiton, and if one step is skipped or overlooked, it has an impact on the success of all subsequent other steps.

Additionally, many business don't understand why their website isn't showing up at the top of search results. I've come to realize that when I try to explain (even in layman's terms) the algorithms, programming strategy, content creation, link necessity, etc. as to why this is, their eyes will just glaze over.

And I get it. Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new necessity for most companies and in the grand scheme of things a completely new essential industry in and of itself.

It's easier for most client to understand PPC marketing over SEO, because I can make the comparison between say, Google Adwords, and traditional forms of marketing that they're more familiar with. PPC marketing may be just as confusing, but it's not as overwhelming or abstract.

However, if you're investing in PPC marketing without a solid SEO foundation, while you may not be wasting your money, you're most definitely not spending your budget correctly.

Why SEO Should Come Before PPC

Did you know 70% of the links search users click on are organic, not paid?

SEO isn't just about focusing on content. It's also not about just focusing on keywords and meta-data. And it's not about putting your content in every place you see and spamming the Internet.

SEO is about putting these three things together in perfect harmony:

  • - Technical Aspects
  • - Valuable Content Production
  • - Digital Strategy and Communication

Investing in an SEO strategy lays the foundation for all other digital efforts to succeed to their maximum potential. Without it, you won't see the full possible ROI benefits from any digital strategy, least of all PPC marketing.

The reason SEO needs to come before PPC in any marketing strategy is due to PPC marketing (such as Google Adwords) measuring the quality of ads and keywords on what is called a Quality Score. Each keyword, for example, gets a Quality Score on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest. And no matter what the size of your budget is, your ads may show less often (or not at all) if they point to a website that offers a poor user experience.

While many people think that SEO and PPC are separate strategies, and in some ways they are - they are essentially two sides of the same coin: Search Marketing.

If you've invested in PPC but your website is not properly optimized for SEO, your Quality Score will take a hit. So while you may be spending money for search result returns, you're probably going to have to bid a lot more to appear at the top.

Another reason that SEO should come before PPC, is that while PPC can provide short-term gains; SEO is the strategy that will provide the most long-term benefits to your brand. It may take more of an investment to get your website ranking at the top of organic search results, but once you're there it becomes more of a maintenance strategy. With PPC however, once you stop paying for those ads, you cease to be competing at all.

Digital marketing should focus on implementing a campaign in which SEO and PPC efforts complement each other, and lead to a more successful search strategy.

A Real Life Example of SEO Importance

Here is a great way to explain the important of SEO and digital marketing. Let's use the example of a car dealer in the suburb of a larger metro area:

Let’s assume that there are 20 used car dealers and 2 new car dealers actually in your suburb. There are 17 spots on page one of Google if you count the organic results and the map pack, there are also a lot of directories showing up. After we remove the directory spots, that leaves 11 or 12 possible spots.

22 dealers – 12 spots = 10 dealers that won’t be on page one, just in your suburb…

But, you obviously want to target the larger metro area to bring in more search traffic. There are 8 suburbs in your metro, so let’s adjust the math:

22 dealers x 8 cities = 176 dealers

But, we also need to account for the dealers that are in the main city in your metro area. Since it’s a much bigger city, let’s conservatively say that there are three times as many dealerships there. Now, our equation looks like this:

22 dealers x 11 cities = 242 dealers

That’s 242 dealers fighting for the 12 spots on the first page of Google search results – which means 230 dealers won’t make it to page one.

Without a website that is optimized for SEO it’s extremely hard, if not impossible, for businesses to show up in these queries.

If you want your site to beat out the compeition fighting for the top spots, you’ve got to send the right signals to Google so that you can outrank competitors. If your website isn't programmed correctly, and isn't following SEO best-practices, you're not going to be seen by the search engine bots/crawlers as providing a valuable user experience.

This simple equation demonstrates why merely having a website is not enough to rank high on search returns. You must be investing in Search Engine Optimization if you want to succeed.

Let Mediaura Help You Develop A Successful Strategy

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top 3 results.

Let Mediaura utilize our award-winning knowledge to help take your marketing to the next level. We are a full-service digital marketing agency. Our team knows how to develop a website optimized for SEO, implement successful SEO strategies and pair that with PPC that gets results for your brand. Many companies have to contract with multiple vendors to achieve similiar results. With Mediaura, you have one point of contact and we're able to monitor and optimize as needed to provide the highest ROI for your organization.

Whether you’re looking for Website Development, mobile applications, custom software, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, or any of the other wide-variety of services we offer, Mediaura is here to help. Contact Us or call 502-554-9649 today to begin taking your company or organization to the future.


Are You Protecting Your Reputation?

If you are in the process, or thinking about setting goals for your company in 2015, make sure you have Reputation Management factored into them. At its core, Reputation Management is online brand management. While it is commonly thought of as the method in which to downgrade or hide unwanted negative reviews (or conversely upgrade and highlight positive ones), with the pervasiveness of digital marketing it has evolved into so much more.

I like to think of Mediaura's Reputation Management team as part technology experts and part PR gurus. While we often have clients come to us in the midst of a PR storm that needs quick resolving, we also work with organizations that want to make sure they are always being shown in the best light. It is this latter group that is able to take proactive measures to anticipate any potential issues. Why? Because they're always acutely aware of their public persona and are immediately made aware of any issues the minute they occur. These issues are then immediately resolved, circumventing any potential fall-out.

We have also had clients come to us when their previous attempts to rebuild their reputation after a fallout have failed. Let's say that your company experienced a problematic, yet true, situation years ago. While your organization may have made every effort to fix the situation and move on, it's still lingering in the digital ether. If you're not working with an organization that knows how to put your company back into a positive spotlight, you're always going to be haunted by that event.

Protecting Your Reputation Is Important

A US survey by Burson-Marsteller found that 95% of chief executives surveyed believed that corporate reputation plays an important or very important role in the achievement of business objectives. Yet only 19% had a formal system in place to measure and monitor the value of their corporate reputation.

With the rise of digital utilization amongst consumers, your number one marketing priority should be developing an online reputation that exceeds the competition. Why do I say this? It's because all of your other marketing efforts, whether they be Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, digital marketing (PPC), or offline such as print, radio, or TV will ultimately lead the consumer to learn more about you online.

It is in the digital realm that a less-than-sterling or non-existent reputation will drive potential clients and consumers away. Most business owners fail to realize that what consumers want is information that will help them feel confident they’re making the best, most well-reasoned purchase. A great deal of that confidence comes in the form of online reviews, digital presence, online branding, etc.

Both individuals and organizations will see benefits from investing in Reputation Management, and I cannot stress this enough. You have most likely spent years in your career and/or building your business, but there are now many factors that can quickly make all of that blood, sweat, and tears for naught. The way people speak of you or your brand online is quickly becoming the single most important reflection of your company's realiability, skill and quality - and this applies across all industries.

In Nielsen’s most recent Global Trust in Advertising study, 70% of global consumers indicated they trust online reviews from strangers when making purchasing decisions or deciding to do business with a company.

Imagine for a moment these two scenarios:

Over a decade ago, an individual made a very public and damaging mistake in their career. They spent years regretting that decision and abandoned their position and career. Later on, they found a new, honest career and took a promising job. However shortly after taking that position, a coworker searched for them on Google, uncovering their past. They were immediately terminated.

Another case is when an industry leader found that they were the subject of a disparaging article from a major news network. In a matter of hours, the article was ranking in the search engines for the company’s name. Clients started calling inquiring about the news report, asking “are the allegations true?” They weren’t, but their reputation was tarnished.

When prospective customers, employees or clients are searching for you, what are the search returns that they are going to see? Is a negative review or unfavorable article the number two listing for your name? Or will they be reading glowing reviews and acclamatory stories about your business ethic or corporate growth?

A negative online reputation can impact your business in a variety of ways. It may simply become the catalyst for a user clicking on a competitor's website instead of yours, or it may become as damaging as a boycott of your products and/or services. This is why it's so important to take-charge of your reputation. This is an instance where ignorance is not bliss and can ruin so much in a short amount of time.

Reputation Management Is More Than Just Reviews

While many people associate Reputation Management with protecting your name and reputation from being aligned with negative reviews, it has expanded into offering a great deal more for businesses and organizations. It's not only about protecting you from negative press, but it's also about making sure that other companies don't piggy-back on that success either. In my opinion, this is where the true payoff of actively monitoring your reputation comes into play.

Here is an example of a situation Mediaura recently encountered with one of our clients that invests in their Reputation Management. This company has devoted a great deal of time and money into their SEO, digital marketing and online presence. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a keyword or category they are targeting where they are not the number one result or on the first page of search returns. Reputation Management

Since we are always actively monitoring their online reputation we've been able to provide them with the opportunity to address potentially harmful situations (such as negative reviews) as soon as they arise. However sometimes the issues that come to pass with Reputation Management aren't the result of a disgruntled ex-employee at all. For instance, with this most recent situation we discovered that a hack on a completely unrelated industry website was directing consumers to a competitor's address. While I've changed the actual industries, here is a run-down as to what happened.

In this instance, if a user was to do a search for, "Best Restaurant In New York" they would see our client on the first page of results. In fact, they would see articles about our client dominating the entire first page of results. Except in this instance two of those returns only mimicked the keywords and meta-data our client utilized and instead were directing traffic to a completely different website, let's say a "lawyer's" website. When users clicked on that link they were immediately redirected to a competitor's restaurant instead.

Someone was hijacking our client's SEO and maliciously leveraging another website to do so. Aside from being unethical (and arguably illegal), it could cause potential damage not only for our client, but for the lawyer as well. For our client, they could lose potential consumers to a competitor, but for the lawyer the damage could be much worse. You see, Google would identify the lawyer's website as being malicious and could potentially blacklist them...and that's something no one would want to have happen, especially if they weren't aware their website was infected at all.

In this case that is exactly what the situation turned out to be.

As soon as we noticed the issue for our client, we contacted the "lawyer's" website to notify them of a potential breach. When we were unable to contact them directly, we reached out to their hosting provider and notified them of the situation. Unaware of the security breach themselves, the hosting firm ran a scan and confirmed that the website in question had experienced an intrusion. Whereupon their hosting provider immediately took the website offline until the owner could be contacted and the issue resolved. We also contacted the competitor that was benefitting from the redirect to make them aware of the situation, because ultimately they would be held accountable for any damage that resulted for this breach. We notified Google and within a short amount of time, the situation was resolved to the satisfaction of our client...and to the satisfaction of the other hosting provider that was able to neutralize a security issue on their end.

In this instance, Reputation Management was beneficial to our client, and all of the other parties involved, as they were able to identify the anomalies as soon as they occurred. Without Reputation Management all parties involved would have been risking:

  • - Blacklisting from Google
  • - Loss of revenue to competitors
  • - Further security issues
  • - Damage to their reputation
  • - much more

Mediaura Can Protect Your Reputation

Mediaura takes the online reputations of our clients seriously. We know that 87% of Internet users do a search before doing business with a company and the online presence of your organization is critical to its success. Negative reviews, blog posts, and comments - or worse, no presence in search results at all - can send prospective customers straight to your competitors. Security breaches, malware, and hacking can cause serious potential issues for companies as well.

For additional information about Reputation Management or one of our other services, please contact Mediaura today at (502) 554-9649 or complete our convenient online form and a representative will contact you with the information you need and make recommendations to start improving your online reputation today.



R&L Fleet Management Gets A Redesign

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how design has an impact on your credibility as a business? Sure, design/details/aesthetics may not be important to you or you decide it will cost you less to have someone build you a "cheap" website...but is it going to cost you customers and profits? The answer my friends, is yes. In fact, numerous studies have been done on this very subject. What this research has shown us is that there are a number of design factors that influence how visitors will perceive your company or organization after they visit your website. Design details matter to your viewer, even if they aren't as important to you as they should be. Outdated, amateur designs will say a lot to your potential customers/clients. Even if the level of service or the product you provide to clients is second-to-none, many of them won't invest the time to find that out if what they see online is telling them a different story.

Frank Chimero said it best: "People ignore design that ignores people."

Credibility is a significant factor in any organization's bottom line because trust has to exist for a sale or a transaction to take place. If your design doesn't inspire trust, if your website looks like you aren't investing in your business or paying attention to the details, what opinion do you think consumers walk away with on the service or product you provide?

R&L Fleet Management

R&L Fleet Management is a great real-world example of a company whose level of service, products and industry experience was not being properly conveyed in their website. While they have a significant reputation and strong brand-loyalty in the field of fleet management and GPS tracking - those unfamiliar with them, who were only going by what they saw online, simply weren't converting into potential clients. The website bounce rate was high and while they had a strong base of new business from client-referrals, no one was calling citing their website as the reason for the inquiry.

R&L Fleet Management is the perfect example of a website full of valuable information and fantastic consumer advice that wasn't compelling enough for the viewer to stick around long enough to see it for themselves. It also wasn't optimized for search engines, so it took some time for people to find it to begin with.

Old Design

Website Design

Multiple sized and colored fonts, numerous graphics, colors competing for the user's eye, and not a very navigable layout weren't doing the company any favors. Again, there was so much informative content throughout the website, but viewers weren't sticking around long enough to read any of it. We immediately got to work placing the website into a Content Management System (CMS) with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) supporting design. Mediaura worked closely with R&L Fleet Management to design a website that reinforced their desired branding and message, but was in the more aesthetically pleasing and clean design seen below.

New Design

Website Design

By simply de-cluttering the page and reorganizing content we were able to retain much of the messaging that had previously existed. Our design team worked to elevate the visuals and layout, with the main objective to make the website of R&L Fleet appear as modern as the technology they sold to their consumers. In other words, to reinforce that trust in branding.

Another problem the old website suffered from were elements that existed but offered no benefit to consumers. For example, visuals that were haphazardly placed throughout the design or images that seemed to be calls-to-action but weren't. Many people (ourselves included) assumed that the images that appeared on the left were clickable when in fact they weren't. If you're a consumer and you're under that impression, you may assume those links are broken or that the design is unfinished.

Old Design

Website Design

So with the new design, we made sure that all banners and visuals serve a purpose, reinforcing the on-page messaging, leading consumers to more information, or both. Our design team worked to make sure that the visuals complemented the overall design and integrated into the page organically, rather than feeling like an after thought.

New Design

Website Design

The Mediaura team worked with R&L Fleet Management to help achieve their goals while leveraging our technological and design experience. We provided their organization with a website that carries their messages and imparts their expertise in a way that enhances the user experience. By taking existing content and materials that already existed at R&L and repurposing them into a stronger design, we were able to significantly reduce the required development time. It's a bit like when you're looking to have your living room remodeled and you pull up the carpet to discover beautiful wooden floors - they become an enhancement to the design and save development time, allowing you to allocate budget to other areas.

With Search Engine Optimization in mind, we also made sure that the new Mediaura design was built on a reactive template, thereby enhancing the quality score for SEO.

This is how the old website appeared on mobile:

Website Design

When Mediaura initially began working with R&L Fleet Management we performed a thorough audit of their website to see what worked for them and what didn't. One of the biggest impediments to their success online was the lack of a mobile-friendly website. Our reports showed that a large portion of their audience was coming to the website via mobile and quickly leaving due to the inacessibility of the design.

This is how the website appears on mobile now:

Website Design

How The Mediaura Digital Agency Team Can Help You

Let Mediaura utilize our award-winning knowledge to help take your marketing to the next level. Whether you’re looking for Website Development, mobile applications, custom software, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, or any of the other wide-variety of services we offer, Mediaura is here to help. Contact Us or call 502-554-9649 today to begin taking your company or organization to the future.


Ashley Blakemore Joins The Mediaura Team

Mediaura, a full service digital agency specializing in online marketing and programming solutions, is pleased to announce that Ashley Blakemore has joined our innovative team as the Director of Business Development.Ashley Blakemore

Ashley has over 14+ years of advertising experience specializing in retail and quick service restaurant merchandising, print and digital signage. He is an accomplished account executive with an extensive background in account direction and supervision for high-profile clients.

Mediaura had previously partnered with Mr. Blakemore on various projects for clients such as KFC and Long John Silver’s, amongst others. With the combination of Ashley’s outgoing personality, holistic advertising approach, strategic thinking and a splash of humor, he has proven to be a natural leader who knows that long-term success comes from long-term relationships.

“Ashley has the unique ability to thoroughly engage himself in every aspect of business,” says Mediaura CEO Andrew Aebersold. “There has never been a time when working on one of our many projects together that he didn’t have an answer or a solution when it was needed. Whether it was dealing with client relations, technical specs on a new design, or one of the many other details that projects require – his support has always made our projects a success. We’re thrilled to have him join the Mediaura team.”

Mediaura is a premier interactive agency headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Our agency has digital and technology at its core. We create experiences that build businesses and help organizations expand their audience. Our award-winning team has built a solid reputation through integrity, honesty and client satisfaction. We combine innovative leadership with the cutting-edge capabilities of the marketing services industry to achieve the best possible results for your business.

How The Mediaura Digital Agency Team Can Help You

Let Mediaura utilize our award-winning knowledge to help guide your marketing to the next level. Whether you’re looking for Website Development, mobile applications, custom software, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, or any of the other wide-variety of services we offer, Mediaura is here to help. Contact Us or call 502-554-9649 today to begin taking your company or organization to the future.


Mediaura Launches Neace Ventures Website

Louisville, Kentucky's digital agency Mediaura has been working with global venture capital and real estate investment firm, Neace Ventures to develop their digital presence.

About Neace Ventures

Neace Ventures is a global venture capital and real estate investment firm. A brand built upon strong family ties with a competitive edge. Neace Ventures possesses a polished reputation and makes sure to have fun in the process. We provide management and consulting services, while partnering with talented entrepreneurs and companies by providing business intelligence, market knowledge, qualified resources and financial discipline that are critical to success. Through venture capital we challenge ourselves and our partners to exceed expectations and deliver superior results. Neace Ventures continually offers quality housing at a competitive price along with innovative designs and a new approach to both starter and dream homes.

Their mobile-friendly website was developed on a Content Management System (CMS), which has been designed with Search Engine Optimization in place at every possible turn.

Website Development

Residential Properties

Neace Ventures' residents find relief in knowing they are able to reach our staff 24/7 with any questions, maintenance problems or concerns. It is our mission to provide our residents with quality development and construction options while continuing a hands on approach with each property to ensure complete tenant satisfaction. Therefore Mediaura wanted to design their website to reflect that level of commitment, as well as provide a place for prospective clients to view properties and apply directly online.

Website Development

Mediaura implemented a search feature to allow users to input desired qualities for their residential properties and search the list accordingly. Users are able to search properties in the following categories:

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • New Development

They are also able to quantify the property type as defined by:

  • For Rent
  • For Sale
  • For Sale or Rent

There are additional categorites in place and available for users such as:

  • Min. and Max. Price
  • Details
    • Rooms
    • Floors
    • Bathrooms
    • Bedrooms
  • Address
  • Amenities
    • Skylights
    • Dishwasher
    • Central Air
    • ...many more

Website Development

Commercial Properties

Neace Ventures is a regional developer that offers development solutions for all stages of a project, from investment and planning, to leasing and management. Their primary focus is to develop and often rehab properties for sale with the intent to own and manage. They syndicate a large portfolio of qualified investors, including Neace Ventures, which we then match with key investment strategies and opportunities with the goal to maximize functionality and profitability for their clients.

Website Development

Venture Capital

Neace Ventures is a leading venture capital firm in Kentuckiana investing in early stage and middle market companies with a strategy to partner with entrepreneurs to build industry-leading companies predominantly in Kentuckiana and surrounding communities.

Website Development

Mobile-Friendly Design

The audience for mobile is exceedingly big and this is an audience that is is growing rapidly. Studies by three leading authorities Berg Insight, Morgan Stanley Research and Boston Consulting Group has concluded that Internet usage worldwide will unquestionably double from current usage levels, by the end of 2015. The study has also concluded that the majority of users will be using mobile devices as their primary gateway to the Internet.

Google has clearly indicated its desire for mobile websites. Websites fashioned for desktops do not deliver a good user experience when accessed on a Smartphone. With 67% of the market share, it's important to do what Google requests of you.

Mobile Website

We Can Help

Let Mediaura utilize our award-winning knowledge to help guide your marketing to the next level. Whether you’re looking for Website Development, mobile applications, custom software, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, or any of the other wide-variety of services we offer, Mediaura is here to help. Contact Us or call 502-554-9649 today to begin taking your company or organization to the future.


Mediaura Donates To Makenzie's Coat Closet

This week, Mediaura donated coats and other winter garments to Makenzie's Coat Closet for their 2014 annual coat drive. Makenzie's Coat Closet, founded in 2006, has distributed over 20,000 coats and countless hats, scarves and gloves to those in need. The organization started as seven year old Makenzie Smith's mission to keep the less fortunate warm in the cold winter months. 

According to their website, Makenzie says she gets asked all the time what keeps her driven to continue donating. She says, "It is a question that is so easily felt, but hard to explain. You have to experience the joy in seeing the smiles on all the faces of those we help. The thanks and deep appreciation that so many have for what we do, the warmth that I feel every time I am able to say, 'yes, we can help.'" 

Mediaura is proud to support such a great cause and encourages other Kentuckiana businesses to donate. You can find out more information at


Google on Mobile Friendly Websites

Have you tapped on a Google Search result on your mobile phone, only to find a page with text way too small and the links too tiny? Or maybe you have to scroll sideways to view the complete page? This is what happens when a website is not optimized to be viewed on a mobile phone. Living in a world that is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to technology, calls for businesses to keep up with the latest trends in advertising. Computers are progressively getting smaller, more energy efficient and more powerful. Most of us are walking around with iPhones - a device with power that was only available to the largest companies and governments a mere 20 years ago. Smartphones, and soon wearables, are reshaping the way we access and process information and they are changing the internet game entirely. 

Over the past few years, Google has adopted a proactive stance towards mobile-responsive website designs by giving more and more search relevance. There are many reasons to create a customer-friendly, search-friendly mobile website and as of a few weeks ago, Google has introduced two more pretty big incentives:

  • Google's search listings now feature the tag "mobile-friendly" beneath the URL, which tells users about the sites mobile user experience.
  • The potential for a ranking boost in Google's mobile SERPs (search engine results pages). 

Users are being presented with more choices regarding the mobile-responsiveness of websites and this could have a big impact on the success of your business's site. In fact, by not having a mobile-friendly website, Google may lower your SEO ranking. 

What makes a good mobile user experience in Google's eyes?

Just having a mobile-friendly website is not a mobile strategy. Mediaura has been advising clients for a long time on the importance of having a mobile responsive website and what will make it thrive. This importance will only increase in time as more and more internet users are relying on their phones to access the web. One in every 5 people in the world own a smart phone and it's estimated that by 2015 people will be using their smart phones to buy $65 billion worth of things in Europe and the US alone. Here at Mediaura we know what softwares to avoid, which texts to use and the appropriate link placement and size content for your mobile site to rank positively on Google. We won't allow for slow loading mobile sites just because of responsive design. 

If you have a website already, Google allows you to test whether or not your site is mobile friendly. Simply go to Mobile-friendly Test to check. If you're looking to enhance your site in order to make it mobile friendly Mediaura has all the tools to get you there. If you would like to learn more about making your website mobile-responsive or improving your optimization, contact us or give us a call at 502-554-9649

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