Your customers are ready for mobile - but are you?

mobile website design

Sources: Gartner, 2010; Google Mobile Optimization Webinar, 2011; Cisco, 2011

Users also expect their mobile experience to be as good as their desktop experience.

mobile website design


Sources: Compuware, “What Users Want from Mobile,” 2011


A Bad Experience Can Cost Your Customers

mobile website design

Sources: Compuware, “What Users Want from Mobile,” 2011

Mobile Users Want to Connect With Businesses In Their Area

Mobile Website Design

Sources: Google “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011

Many Prefer Apps for Shopping

mobile website design

Sources: Adobe Systems “Adobe Mobile Experience Survey,” 2011; eMarketer, 2011

Business Can Drive Purchases With Mobile Friendly Websites

mobile website design

Sources: Lightspeed Research; Google “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011







Louisville Website Design

Community of Sport

Mediaura recently worked with our client Active Ankle to give their website a fresh look with an upgraded e-commerce system.

Active Ankle had its start in an athletic training room of a Southern Indiana high school as part of a college class project by a student teacher of Glen Snow's, the athletic trainer at the time. The first semi-rigid hinged ankle support was conceived using parts of a McDonald's food tray along with various materials found in a standard athletic training room. Recognized as a unique product idea, a local businessman helped launch what is known today as Active Ankle Systems, Inc. in 1989. The company has become a worldwide leader in the development of high value, high function foot and ankle products and owns or has rights to over 20 U.S. and Foreign Patents.

Active Ankle's previous website had been designed by a third-party and programmed by Mediaura, and we were happy they were satisfied with our high-quality service and wanted to bring everything to Mediaura for this revision.


The Upgraded Design

Active Ankle is known for their loyal customers and excellent products. We wanted to design a website that showcased the full Active Ankle story, while simultaneously streamlining the process for online purchases.

Louisville Website Design


The online store is organized by product type: Athletic Products: Rigid, Lace Up and Medical Products.

Louisville Website Design

Our goal was to provide the user with as much information as possible so that they could make an informed purchase, yet without overwhelming them with more verbiage than necessary. Since the fit of the Active Ankle product is so important, when a user selects a product they are given the full scope of details regarding the item. There is also a listing that advises users on which sport that product is best designed to be used in.

Louisville Website Design

The Fitting Instructions page has both videos and downloadable .pdfs that demonstrate to the user how to properly wear the product. There are a wide variety of videos available to view, including testimonial videos from satisfied clients.

Louisville Website Design

The .pdfs allow the user to download and save the instructions. Some users prefer to print out the .pdf and keep a copy with their product to reference when putting it on for wear.

Louisville Website Design

Active Ankle is very engaged in the athletic community, so we've provided areas where they can update their news and upload photos from events.

Louisville Website Design

The store locator page provides an area for shoppers to input their zipcode to find the nearest stockists. Once a zip-code is entered, the map populates the nearest store locations, along with the store details and contact information. Since fit is so important, some users want to be able to try on a few products before decided on which brace and size is best for them.

Louisville Website Design

We made the "About Us" page a little more engaging with added video to enhance the story. This allows users to truly "see" what it is about Active Ankle that makes the company passionate about their products.

Louisville Website Design

But don't take our word for it! The "Who's Wearing Us" page lists some of the elite clubs and athletes who rely on Active Ankle to keep them in the game.

Visit the Website

You can see all of the exciting new features by visiting and taking a tour.

If you or someone you know would like more information on a custom website, content management systems, or e-commerce - have them contact Mediaura today.




Hospital digital signage


The Digital Signage Revolution in Healthcare

When used effectively, digital signage is an advertising medium which allows for the opportunity to maximize your potential while minimizing costs. Ideal for marketing, communications, and training, Digital Signage helps your message stand out above the crowd, while improving the consumer experience and potentially earning revenue. Digital Signage is not an entertainment medium (even though it can be used as one), but a communications method.

Digital Signage gives you the ability to inform, educate and entertain. The real value of digital signage is to be able to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. It lets you plan what content you want to show (unlike TV).

With Digital Signage You Can

Digital Signage

  • Inform your employees
  • Inform your patients and visitors
  • Generate extra revenue
  • Decrease perceived wait time
  • Save on costs
  • Help reduce your environmental impact
  • Reinforce your brand image
  • Communicate health services or health plans

The Benefit of Digital Signage for Patients

From a fear of procedures and devices to the general unknown of outcomes, a hospital or clinic visit can be a nerve-wracking event.

Reducing Anxiety

Research has shown that providing education about a procedure to the patient before the patient undergoes a procedure can reduce the patient’s anxiety levels.

Patient Education

This gives the patient a lot of knowledge about the experience, and can help generate much stronger dialogue between the patient and the doctor. One facility, located in Connecticut, decided to implement Educational Digital Signage and the result was an 80% increase in referrals.

Informing Family And Friends

The family is exposed to the information, strengthening the bonds between the entire family and hospital, an ongoing effort to reduce anxiety. Reducing the Perception of Wait Times It is often assumed and stated that an audience in a waiting room is a “captive audience.” This is not true. The waiting room is full of people pre-disposed with thoughts of their loved ones being cared for. People in waiting rooms have questions, concerns, and a desire for information. When addressed with targeted and relevant digital signage, the content can reduce anxiety, boost the viewer’s knowledge base, and reduce the perceived waiting time.

Marketing of Medicine

Much like shopping online, many people now head to the Internet to learn more about medical conditions and procedures, especially before visiting the hospital. A Digital screen in a medical waiting room serves the patient / parent by providing information directly related to her top-of-mind presence, the reason they are there. It serves the practice by motivating the viewer to ask questions, report observations, and reduces perceived waiting time. It serves the advertiser by providing that viewer engagement resulting in recall, as well as being associated with the viewer’s doctor carrying her perceived recommendation.

The Benefit of Digital Signage for Staff

Patients come and go, though, and often the real beneficiary of a digital media network can be the staff. By their very nature, hospitals operate under a very high level of awareness and preparation. Digital signage is a medium of time and relevance, where information can be delivered instantly.

Admissions Process

It used to be that paperwork was the first order of business when checking in. From medical and safety standpoints, the documentation could contain extremely important information – whether a patient is allergic to any medications, for example. But once entered, it’s difficult to know who will see it and when. By using online resources coupled with the digital network, the staff now has access to this information upon arrival. Then staff at all levels can access it to quickly determine the best course of action for the patient.

Information and Alerts

Hospitals are living-breathing entities with schedules that change by the minute. When events have moved to different locations or times, or new events occur, the ability to share this information with everyone on-site in a timely and relevant fashion is critical. Imagine a scenario where a large-scale accident is sending dozens of patients to a single emergency room. With digital signage, messaging can be provided not only to the ER but also to all other floors and levels where patients may need immediate care.

Locate, Navigate, Medicate

Interactive, way-finding digital signage can show the patient the right way to where they are going.Doctors and staff are rarely grounded to one building or area, routinely working at various locations within the system. Almost like an airport terminal, digital signage can provide staff with updates on the locations of specialists and doctors at any given moment during the daily schedule.

Continuing Education

Every licensed physician in the U.S. must go through a certain amount of Continuing Medical Education, or CME, every year to maintain a license. Digital signage networks that have day-parting control or on-demand features can allow staff and physicians to watch videos on the same network during off-hours, reducing the need for another channel of programming.

The Benefit of Digital Signage for Facility

While much of the operation of a hospital system comes from a central location, that operation is affected by internal and external influences. A centralized digital signage network empowers the system to communicate with determined speed and accuracy, to keep everyone informed, and to provide a degree of efficiency in the management. The medical field is continually evolving with regulations, laws, forms, and procedures around the well being of patient. Every facet of health care is always under scrutiny and very often subject to change. Interactive content delivered by the administration can give the staff relevant and timely information as it pertains to the system as a whole.

Usage Manuals for Tools

Every day new technology enters the medical field, from surgical devices to health monitors to robots and tiny cameras that assist surgeons in the operating room. In the same way that digital signage can deliver videos about procedures, digital signage can deliver educational material about the hospital infrastructure. Further, because the videos are located on a central server, they can be accessed anywhere at any time – there is no need to haul around instruction manuals.


Fundraising has become a major revenue stream for hospitals, especially for nonprofit hospitals and facilities that care for large numbers of under- or uninsured patients. In 2010, over $8.2 billion were donated to health care facilities. Screens provide greater visibility to the philanthropic community. Viewers can learn more about the donor, show where the donor’s money may be going, and offer greater recognition for the donor’s activities with the facility.


A hospital can deliver a very targeted audience that may be very attractive to certain types of advertisers. Hospitals can use digital signage to promote surrounding businesses and partners that strengthen the relationship between them for the benefit of the patient. This establishes and grows the hospitals brand in the experiential marketing that many health care facilities are aiming to achieve.

Reduction of Errors

One of the human traits that digital networks can reduce is misunderstanding due to poor communication. Due to their closed-circuit nature, digital signage networks offer a level of control where individuals can monitor and filter every piece of content being pushed out over the network. Often, more eyes fall on content than just the doctor and the patient. This encourages viewers inside the system to be quality assurance specialists as well, ensuring that all content going out over the network is accurate.


Digital Signage Cost Savings

A facility will spend thousands of dollars each time new marketing materials are printed, including costs for shipping and the time required for employees to sort through and hang traditional advertising. A digital signage solution reduces costs by eliminating printing costs and allowing content to be managed remotely.

Compare the Competition

Healthcare providers that are looking to add a solid-state digital signage solution or replace their vulnerable PC-based system should be aware that many digital signage players do not include software, which can add to your initial cost—sometimes substantially. Others may offer free software, but it isn't really free, just a limited time trial. Mediaura’s ProBuilder Digital Signage solution is hardware agnostic, extending your cost-savings even further during implementation.

Key Features of Mediaura's Software

  • Patent-Pending drag-and-drop interface to customize your signs
  • Integrated image library to manage your assets online
  • Advanced enterprise ready multi-store and multi-sign management tools
  • Full-featured scheduling tool with day-parting, recurring schedules, one-time future event planning, and more
  • Historical archive showing proof of playback
  • Our player software has offline caching capabilities, a custom rendering engine to reduce bandwidth, and polling to ensure your display never goes blank due to loss of internet connectivity
  • API for integration with existing digital signage networks
  • ...much more

Contact Mediaura

Contact Mediaura today to learn more about our custom software solutions. We are committed to offering turn-key solutions that maximize profits and reduce costs, so that your business of facility can retain its edge on the competition.

Facebook Marketing Game

How The Game Works

Sauce It is the latest custom Facebook game/application that Mediaura has created for our clients at Long John Silver's.

The goal of the game is to get 5 "Sauce It!" across, down or diagonally and then to post "Sauce It!" to your Facebook wall. The players who are the first ones to shout it out are eligible for "FREE" Long John Silver's for a year.

For a complete list of rules, click here.

Playing the Game

Every day a new game piece is published. Players simply need to log-in to the "Sauce It!" game and retrieve their daily piece by clicking on "Get Game Piece."

Custom Facebook Game

Since this user has "Crab Cakes" listed under the "Cocktails" column, they qualify for a new daily game piece.

Custom Facebook Game

As you can see, the "Sauce It!" tile has already been placed over the corresponding area of the game board.


When a player retrieves their daily game piece, a post is displayed on their wall, linking Facebook Users directly to the game on Long John Silver's Facebook Page.

Also, an update promoting the game is displayed in their news feed encouraging their friends to come check out the game and play for themselves.

Custom Facebook Game

Facebook Games and Custom Applications

Mediaura are experts at custom crafting games that help raise your brand's profile while simultaneously increasing users' social media engagement. Contact us today to learn what we can do to help enhance your social media presence.

You can also check out the Sauce-It game, by visiting LJS's Facebook page here.


Mobile Website

If your current or future marketing plan doesn't include mobile, then we need to have a chat.

Why Mobile Matters To Your Business reported that businesses in nearly every category are seeing a double-digit percentage of their Web traffic from visitors using mobile devices. This shift in how consumers are using the Internet has a dramatic impact on your most valuable digital asset - your website.

How important is it that your business or organization has a mobile-friendly website? Well, for starters mobile browsing is growing 14 times faster than that of desktop Web browsing. This means that if your website is not at least mobile-friendly, then you're losing a serious competitive advantage. Research conducted by Google revealed that 67% of mobile Web users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website, and a full 61% said they would quickly move on to a competitor’s website if it is not.

As of January 2013, industry analysts reported that 55% of American mobile phone subscribers owned a smartphone, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, approximately 6.4 million iPhones are active in the US alone, and that's just one brand's device.

Here are some interesting facts I came across that I'd like to share with you:

  1. There are 4 times as many smartphone owners as computer owners in the U.S. today.
  2. Apple sold 48 million mobile devices in 2011; they sold 4.9 million desktops and laptops during the same period.
  3. 48% of U.S. mobile subscribers use a smartphone. Smartphone usage grew by 50% from 2011 to 2012.
  4. 91% percent of Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7.
  5. In 2013, mobile phones will surpass PCs as the primary means of accessing the Internet.
  6. 1 in 7 Internet searches are performed on a mobile phone.
  7. 16.9% of Black Friday 2012 online shopping was done on a mobile device.
  8. 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 90% take action a result, such as making a purchase or contacting the business.
  9. Research indicates consumers have already spent $20.7 billion via their smartphones.
  10. Only 20% of businesses have invested in a mobile website.

There are different paths that you can take when making the decision to go mobile; mobile applications, responsive-website design, mobile website, etc... but the most important part is that you do it.

If you'd like to learn more about how Mobile can work for you, contact Mediaura today.

Custom Facebook Tabs

Custom Facebook Tabs

With Facebook's Timeline format for business pages, custom tabs are more important than ever for your business's Facebook presence.

Here are some ways that custom Facebook tabs can help promote your company:

  • Using custom tabs to create a strong call to action
  • Add videos, photo galleries and more to your custom tabs
  • Running contests and promotions
  • Uploading custom images for your tabs
  • Using your custom tabs as landing pages for Facebook ad campaigns and external promotions

The Kentucky Humane Society has been working hard to utilize technology in order to become a model in the animal welfare industry. Thousands of pets are available abandoned at the shelter, lost, given up for adoption, or found each year. While the Kentucky Humane Society works hard to give these animals a presence on their website, we wanted to help them leverage social media to take their mission one step further.

We worked closely with their wonderful team to develop a plan of action that integrates three main areas of their website into their Facebook profile: Adoptable Dogs, Adoptable Cats, and Stray Pets.

Custom Facebook Tab: Adoptable Pets

We designed and developed custom Facebook tabs to allow users to view adoptable cats and dogs available from the Kentucky Humane Society directly within Facebook, streaminling the process and raising the visibility of these animals in need of homes.

Custom Facebook Tab

When you click on the "Adoptable Dogs" tab, users are able to view a listing of the most recent dogs available from the Kentucky Humane Society. If a user sees a pet they would like more information on, all they need to do is simply click on the name and/or image.

custom facebook tab

This brings up detailed information about the animal, along with its location and fee for adoption.

We followed this same process for the cats as well, allowing users to view the available animals.

custom facebook tab

custom facebook tab

These tabs now help to raise the profile of these animals as well as increase the chances of someone sharing or informing other users about their existence. It's leveraging social media in a positive way to help extend the mission and branding of the Kentucky Humane Society.

Custom Facebook Tab: Stray Pets

How many times have you seen a posting on Facebook describing a lost animal or someone describing an animal that has been lost/ran away? If you're like the average Facebook user, then the answer is "a lot." Stray Pets are animals that are taken in by the Kentucky Humane Society, not abandoned or given up for adoption; these are animals who are clearly taken care of and have a home...they just seem to have gotten lost. When the Kentucky Humane Society takes these animals in, they post about them on their website. We created a custom Facebook tab that aggregates the postings into the Facebook social media platform custom tab, so that people can look for their lost pets directly on Facebook.

Custom Facebook Tab

custom facebook tab

Mediaura is proud to have the Kentucky Humane Society as a client, and we are continually impressed with their forward-thinking measures to help reunite pets with their owners as well as find "Forever Homes" for those animals available for adoption.

To learn more about the Kentucky Humane Society, please visit their website (designed by Mediaura) here.

If you would like more information on how your business or organization can benefit from leveraging social media or custom Facebook tabs of your own, please contact Mediaura here.

Digital Menu Board Content Creation

The Benefit of Digital Menu Boards

The foundation of a successful digital menu board strategy is quality content. The last few years have seen tremendous adoption of digital signage in the quick-service restaurant arena. Traditional printed menu boards are slowly being replaced by the high-resolution digital menu boards. These new types of boards offer many benefits to both the company and its consumers; however, most of them are markedly underutilized - especially in their content.

Some of the most widely cited benefits of Digital Menu Boards are:

Clarity of Decision Making

Digital menu boards provide customers with rich and vibrant displays that are more eye-catching than static menu boards. Also, the digital aspect comes into play when restaurant owners with extensive menus require less wall ‘real estate’ to display what they serve. This allows customers to be able to see all menu items and make an informed purchase decision, enhancing their experience at the restaurant.

Positive Customer Experience

Digital menu boards not only give restaurants the flexibility of easy menu changes, but the displays are more visually appealing to customers. QSRs can create a positive brand experience by showcasing nutritional information that is becoming increasingly important in a customer’s purchase decision. Having digital menu boards also instills a perception of technology leadership in the minds of today’s technology savvy consumer.

Unified Brand Experience

With mobile and kiosk integration, digital menu boards provide a unified brand experience to the customer. Digital menu boards, mobile websites, and kiosk interfaces can be made to look the same so customers don’t feel lost when dealing with the restaurant through different mediums. The seamless integration between these mediums provides consistent messaging across multiple customer touchpoints and the brand doesn’t skip a beat with menu and other content changes.

Other Reasons:

  • Boost the success of promotional items
  • Easily accommodate new nutritional info requirements
  • Decrease your printing costs
  • Quickly adjust to price changes and menu additions
  • Reduce long lines and wait times with better menu presentation
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Deliver employee messaging while the store is closed

Your Digital Menu Board Content Matters

As anyone who has implemented one of these items into the field can attest, the heart of any successful digital menu board is the content. More specifically it is the promotions that can increase your profits. Digital menu board technology gives you the opportunity to change your promotions frequently, thereby keeping them fresh for your customers. This is what helps drive increases in revenues.

Customer profiles can change dramatically during different dayparts and digital menu boards need to adapt with relevant content. For example, the early morning commuter preparing for their day at the office has different needs compared to the college student visiting the restaurant for a late-night snack. Developing different content for each daypart is a good way to start and get maximum benefit out of the technology. Quick-service restaurants need to be mindful of their overall objectives and goals in developing their content strategy for digital menu boards.

However, all too often we see digital menu board systems in place where the content never gets updated - it becomes old and stale. This happens because after the initial excitement of installing a new digital menu board system, the restaurant operator moves on to other tasks that need attention. And where are these new promotions supposed to come from anyway? Most restaurant owners lack the staff (and especially the necessary skillset) needed for creating and updating content on a digital menu board system. Certainly the restaurant operator would have to pay someone to do this. So nothing gets done. Conversely, many menu board owners become frustrated because the company that installed their screens are difficult to get updates from, the cost of their content creation is quite high, or they are not able to offer a truly innovative product or design.

Now this wonderful investment that is designed to drive sales and increase profits is conveying a negative branding image to your customers.

Consumers Are Savvy

It should go without saying that consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and discerning, especially in regards to technology. Simply having an electronic menu on display is no longer enough to engage your audience, especially if the screens frequently go down or the content isn't memorable enough. Digital menu boards are the future, and if your competitor has a better screen and menu board design, they are going to have an advantage - certainly in a society that so highly values strong marketing initiatives.

This is where Mediaura can help your business.

While we still offer our ProBuilder Digital Signage Software, we recognize that some other companies have opted to try a different solution yet are not getting the most out of their investment. This is why we are now offering our custom Digital Signage Content Creation services to businesses directly. Mediaura is often solicited by other menu board service providers to create custom digital menu board content for their clients. However, now companies will be able to contact us directly for our services, eliminating additional costs and helping to lower their overhead - while obtaining fully customized digital signage content for their stores. This will allow operators to continue using their legacy system while allowing more fresh and up-to-date content to be pushed to their screens.

Digital Signage Content Creation Is Our Specialty

Digital Signage Software

Why trust Mediaura with your digital media content?

Simply put, we are one of the forefathers of the industry - patenting software solutions, implementing digital signage solutions, and innovating the technology for over a decade.

Our commitment to quality service and excellence is qualified by our clients' loyalty to our products. Nearly all of our clients have been using our solutions since day one with complete customer satisfaction.

Mediaura's quick-turnaround-time makes sure that your screens are refreshed as often as you prefer, giving you an edge over your competition that you can afford.

Contact Mediaura today to learn how we can start helping you increase sales and elevate your brand through enhanced digital signage content.

Lindsay Ramser

Welcome to the Team Lindsay!

Mediaura is proud to announce the arrival of team member, Lindsay Ramser. She joins Mediaura as our newest dedicated Account Executive. While we've been spending the past week getting to know Lindsay, we thought you should have the opportunity as well!

You're stranded on a deserted island, what three things do you bring to pass the time?

I guess I would be practical and bring a tarp, matches and a radio. Wait, the radio probably wouldn't work. A guitar! I don't know how to play, but I would have plenty of time to learn!

What is something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I used to be in the circus. It was a local circus but we traveled all over the state and did acrobatics and trapeze. I was a gymnast. We did tons of running, tumbling, and tricks.

What song (or album) do you listen to when you want to feel motivated?

Probably the Red Hot Chili Peppers, "By The Way."

The food you can always been depended on to eat?

Steak, Filet.

What movie has made you laugh the most?


Name one thing that you can't live without.


Any particular shows?

Crime mysteries, DIY (do-it-yourself) Network - all of their shows!

How do you like to spend your free time?

Laughing. I love to laugh and have fun. I love comedy, funny movies, funny television or just hanging out with my hilarious friends. Stand-up comedy is always good too.

What is your favorite color?

Light blue, but my favorite color to wear is black.

Finally, what has been the best part of working at Mediaura so far?

How friendly and fun everyone is here. It makes all of the learning fun as well!

Now Contact Lindsday To Learn More About Mediaura.

Lindsay has a strong background in sales and marketing, and is here to answer any questions or inquiries you may have about our services or software packages.

She may be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Secure Cloud Hosting

Why Cheap Hosting Is Not Always The Best Choice

We are often asked what the difference is between a budget hosting versus Mediaura's Secure Cloud Hosting solution.

While every business likes to save money, there are certain things that aren't always the bargains that they seem to be. The reality is, cheap hosting can be a false economy and an expensive mistake.

Why Secure Website Hosting Matters

What most people don't understand, is the reason why secure website hosting needs to exist in the first place - and that's because the internet for all its convenience is also home to more nefarious characters. We've touched on this topic before; but the truth is, as more businesses develop an online presence they are running the risk of attracting hackers. Some hackers simply do it because they can, while others are looking to compromise the security of both your business and your clients. This can be anything from personal information, emails, credit card information, banking details, customer details, etc.

Did you know that humans only generate 49% of all internet traffic?

If you think you know who is visiting your website, you may need to think again.

Approximately 51% of all Internet traffic is created by bots, according to a data research study. Now bots can come in a few forms. First, you have the "good guys" - search engines like Google (whose servers never rest) compose about 20% of traffic. However, the remaining 31% would love nothing more than to worm their way into your computer and cause all sorts of mayhem.

Of that menacing 31% of "bad guys", hacking tools account for 5% of that traffic. Hacking tools are software that visit a website to crash it and/or steal data from it. Another 5% are so-called "scrapers" that are notorious for pulling information from one website and publishing it to another, to pillage search-engine traffic. Comment Spammers (2%) do just that, posting malware and other annoying content to bog down a website. Spyware (19%), covertly gathers information that can compromise competitive advantage. This about rounds out the overall negative bot groups, but as you can see they are everywhere.

The Main Drawbacks of Cheap Hosting

While there are many reasons that cheap website hosting is a bad idea for businesses (but not necessarily a bad thing for individual users, such as bloggers), here are a list of just some of the top reasons that your website needs to move from a budget hosting solution towards a more dedicated and secure one:

Out-Of-Date or Obsolete Servers

Some web hosting companies keep their costs low by keeping their old servers running longer than they should.  Not only are these older servers slower and more likely to crash, they’re more vulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks. So while they are offering prices that seem "too good to pass up" I'm sure your customers would rather you invest in something that will help keep their information safe.

Bad Customer Service

Imagine for a moment that your website has gone down (either due to server error or a successful hacking attempt). While many cheap hosting solutions claim to have a quick-turnaround-time for problems or issues, the truth is, when one of their servers goes down it affects EVERY website housed there (and there are many). This means that while they may be doing their best to get your website back up and running, it won't be an immediate fix. Delays such as this negatively effect not only your bottom-line but also your branding. Customers may not know why your website is down, but their assumptions will run from bills not being paid to unattentive management. A portion of the costs for a dedicated secure web hosting go towards high-quality customer service and technical support staff, as well as new and updated servers. When you call with a problem, you will be speaking to someone who can address any issues right then and minimize downtime (or even have the set the system up in such a way so that your website is never "down" even when issues arise). A cheap web hosting solution on the otherhand is likely to outsource its support, or do away with it altogether.  In either case, the end result from your point of view is that if you have a problem, it will take a long time to get fixed, if it gets fixed at all.

Lack of Space

It doesn’t matter how cheap your deal is, if you don’t have enough space to build your site, your hosting account is worthless.  Don’t just think in terms of initial allowances.  Remember your website is likely to grow, so you need to be sure that you can get as much disk space as you need when you need it.  Also beware of cheap web hosts who keep their costs down by overselling disk space. This is a bit of a conjuring trick, as it relies on users not taking their full allowances. Not only is this a vaguely unethical business practice, it could very easily come crashing down if people start to use all the space alotted to them.


Cheap web hosts deal in quantity, not quality. This is how they make their profits. From your point of view, the limited bandwidth and disk space allowances on cheap hosting deals means that you could find yourself sharing server space with hundreds, if not thousands, of other websites. Statistically, not all of them are going to be good neighbors. This has a direct effect on your site. Your neighbors might be sucking up server resources at an alarming rate, causing your website to run slow or to crash altogether. More accounts on one server also mean a greater risk of virus infection spreading across that server.

Find a Secure Solution

Do you really want to risk your time, money and reputation for the sake of a few dollars? You would be surprised at the number of websites that are routinely attacked and taken down with relative ease on budget hosting solutions. The reasons hackers focus their attention on them is simple, they're easy targets. So make sure you give your clients and customers the confidence to do business with you, through providing them a cost-effective and secure website hosting solution. At Mediaura we have a variety of packages available, so you can make sure that you're putting your website in a secure environment, without having to break the bank.



Mediaura is proud to announce the launch of our latest flash game, Cornballers! Developed for Long John Silvers, Cornballers features two LJS characters–Pip & Hobart–playable as basketballs. Choose your favorite hushpuppy and try to beat your high score within two minutes! Click here to play now!

Custom Facebook Game

Here is what it's like to play Cornballers:

Facebook Game

When you click on the "Cornballers" logo to begin playing the game, you are taken to a landing screen.


You are then asked to choose which character, Pip or Hobart, you would like to play as during the game. Each character has its own unique voice and style.

Facebook Game

If you're not quite sure what to do, we've created a list of easy-to-follow guidelines to explain how the games is played and scored.


Your goal is to aim your hushpuppy into the basket in order to score as many points as you can during the time given.


When you score a goal, the crowd cheers and either Pip or Hobart (whichever character is not being played) will cheer you on!


The goal is to score as many point as you can before the clock runs out.


Once you have completed your game, all you need to do is fill out the information in the field provided for your chance to win catering provided by Long John Silver's.

Social Media Branding

Pip & Hobart are two characters part of a large redesign and marketing campaign for Long John Silvers. Originally an online video series and comic strip, Long John Silvers wished to create an online game featuring the two hushpuppies. Hosted on Facebook, Cornballers is a flash game for all ages!

Click here to watch episodes of the Long John Silvers Hushpuppies Show or read the latest comic strip!

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