Goodwill of Southern Indiana Gets A Makeover

Mediaura is a company that is invested in the growth and well-being of our community. Periodically we donate our services to a charity or non-profit in order to give back; utilizing our technological and digital expertise to help elevate an organization's brand or profile, and do some good for many others while we're at it. Goodwill of Southern Indiana is the perfect example of an organization that is giving back in so many wonderful ways, but were unfortunately flying under the radar a bit too much due to a lackluster digital presence. They had a website, but it was quite dated, poorly designed, and not easily navigable. So our team stepped up to the plate and worked to give them a website that would reflect their mission without overwhelming them (or their users) will too much technology for their needs.

They wanted a website that could be easily updated, could leverage SEO quite readily, and wouldn't require a single point of contact (i.e. a programmer) when changes needed to be made. Therefore we put them on a Joomla CMS and integrated it with Paypal for a secure platform on which donations or transactions could be made directly through the website. Our goal was to make it that much easier for people to give to the organization.

Goodwill Website Design

As you can see above, their old website wasn't the most engaging to viewers. The white text and small font was difficult for users to read, the navigation bars were quite light as well, and while the left menu was a tad easier to read, it didn't really do much in the way of amping up their design. After meeting with the Goodwill Southern Indiana team and discussing their needs, they identified the top three things they wanted to highlight:

  • Donations
  • Shopping
  • Changing Lives (Programs and Services)

Taking that information we transformed the website into a much more cohesive and updated design:

Goodwill Website Design

In the new design we introduced a slideshow of images to highlight the objectives of Goodwill of Southern Indiana, along with adding modules that feature their top services. We also added a search function so that users can find locations closest to them or locate stores in their surrounding area. The font has been darkened and given more weight, with darker fonts on the lighter background and darker backgrounds for the lighter fonts - increasing legibility for the user.

The interior pages also received a much-needed makeover too. The older website's interior pages suffered from the same issues as the homepage - visibility issues, font issues, design layout, etc.

Goodwill Website Design

Looking at the image above you can see what we're talking about. The design simply looked dated and there were several on-page errors present, such as the widget they were using to display their Twitter feed. When users see issues like these, it reflect on an organization or company's brand. It's akin to having a brick-and-mortar store with a broken window, it simply detracts from the brand quality you should be trying to convey.

Goodwill Website Design

Therefore, Mediaura worked to make the interior pages engaging and well-organized: adding interior menus, images, and keeping all of the design elements clean and simple. We added SEO optimized elements to enhance the website's visibility to search engines.

We also made sure that the design was mobile-friendly, thereby increasing its usability for users on a variety of devices:

Goodwill Website Design

If you would like to learn more about Goodwill of Southern Indiana, please visit there website here.

Mediaura Can Give Your Website An Extreme Makeover

Having an updated design is imperative for a business for many reasons, because design presents your public image and dictates perceptions users will have about your business or organization. We believe that by using digital elements as part of an overall marketing strategy, businesses can ensure they maximise the return on their advertising budget.

Let Mediaura utilize our award-winning knowledge to help guide your marketing to the next level. Whether you’re looking for Website Development, mobile applications, custom software, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, or any of the other wide-variety of services we offer, Mediaura is here to help. Contact Us or call 502-554-9649 today to begin taking your company or organization to the future.


Digital Remarketing

Written by  Kellie Oates
    At Mediaura, we realize your digital strategy isn't complete without a remarketing component. If you aren't aware of what this means or why you need it, let us inform you. Digital remarketing is the specific ad targeting of consumers who have previously visited a business's website. So, imagine putting a bunch of money into an all-expansive, mack daddy marketing campaign. You think all your bases are covered -- TV, print, digital -- you name it. Everything points right to your website. Now, let's say a user comes to your site, loads up their cart with your products, and bam, right before converting they bail. This sounds horrible, right? 

    You can't control whether a potential customer leaves your site or not, but here at Mediaura, we use remarketing to remind them they were on your site about to buy your products. To explain it on a basic level, we use remarketing technology to place a cookie on a visitor's browser whenever they visit your site. This cookie is then used by advertising networks like Google to target that visitor through paid search and display ads.

    Remarketing lists are created based on the way the actions on a web page are tagged. The more tagged pages and actions, the more information can be learned about your potential customer. If a specific product page is tagged and the buy-flow is tagged, then we know what product the person is interested in. We will use that information to target the visitor differently from someone who just visits your homepage. Whether someone buys your product/service or not, your ad will pop up alongside their Facebook feed, personal email, or wherever you have your ads placed.  

    Why is Digital Remarketing So Important?  

    According to Google, 96 percent of consumers visit a website without completing the buy action. At Mediaura we have the results that prove our remarketing services help encourage those lost conversions to come back. This will significantly increase your ROI. The more touchpoints a person has with your brand, the more likely they are to convert. As mentioned before, remarketing also allows for stronger segmentation. When you segment your audience based on their onsite behavior and actions, you can change the messaging in your ads to target certain users. You're not just limited to generic advertisements. You can use different messages to speak to your users specific needs and goals. 

    Contact Mediaura Today

    Mediaura will spread your remarketing campaign across a variety of channels to generate the best results. It's important to catch the consumer wherever they may be. We understand how big of an impact remarketing can have on your campaign and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Because you're reaching out to customers who have already visited your website, remarketing is a very cost-effective way to increase your sales conversions. 

    Let Mediaura help guide your marketing to the next level. Whether you're looking for Website Development, mobile applications, custom software, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management or any of the other wide-variety of services we offer, Mediaura is here to help. Contact Us or call 502-554-9649 today to begin taking your company or organization to the future. 


    Digital To Overtake TV Ad Spending

    By now you may have read the latest release of Forrester's five-year digital marketing forecast, a data-rich tool for budgeting, benchmarking, and identifying key trends to watch as you set your 2015 strategic plan. What did the report say? Exactly what we've been forecasting at Mediaura for quite some time: Digital advertising is poised to take over television advertising.

    So what are some of the key takeaways?

    • US Digital marketing spend will top $100 billion in five years. Just think about how big that is. By 2019 in the United States, digital will be almost twice as large as it is now. It will be about $13 billion more than television advertising, and it will count for 35% of all advertising spend.

    • Growth is healthy but not runaway. We expect a 12% CAGR between now and 2019, which is a healthy slope, especially when considering numbers of this magnitude. But it is worth noting that this growth isn't skyrocketing. Marketers 15 year look-back window allows them the experience and performance data they need to know when to invest in digital, but also when not to overspend.

    • Mobile marketing represents 66% of growth. This year, we included mobile as a deployment option (akin to desktop) for search, display, or social ad impressions. So you won't see it as its own line item in the forecast. But rest assured, increased use of mobile by consumers, growing familiarity with mobile advertising by marketers, improvements to ad formats, metrics and buying practices, and increasing mobile ad costs will make mobile count for $46 billion of our $100 billion bogie by 2019.

    • Contextual marketing will steal some media dollars. Within five years, we will also see marketers shifting some of their digital media budget -- the principal investment counted in this forecast -- to fund customer-obsessed contextual experiences. This means that media dollars -- either traditional or digital -- are now going toward technology investments in stores or within marketing organizations, employee education, customer experience improvement, or data purchases.

    Why Is Digital Advertising So Important? Digital Marketing

    As we've been saying (and practicing) for years at Mediaura, digital marketing offers insights and analytics that no other form of traditional can provide. For those who are interested in exploring digital advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC) and Social Media Marketing (such as Facebook) allow you to the measure benefits of your ads most directly. As the report forecasts, spending on social advertising, like Facebook's and Twitter's in-stream ads, will grow more than any other digital channel over the next five years.

    Also, one of the key benefits of digital marketing, is that all forms of traditional media can be incorporated into its design. Broadcast television and radio ads now exist on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Companies that are more familiar with print ads and billboards, can get their feet wet in the digital marketing arena with display advertising. Social media can become the conduit in which you communicate your messaging and illustrate your brand most effectively to your targeted audience. The possibilities are really endless...

    Contact Mediaura Today

    Mediaura not only does digital advertising, we are digital advertising. At our core, our company has been leveraging advertising in the digital space for decades, and over this period of time we've learned the most effective ways to leverage digital media and give our clients the best ROI for their efforts. While digital marketing and advertising may be new to some, it's not to us. We're well versed in every aspect that is required. While some companies will ask you to spend thousands of dollars on a PPC campaign, we know that unless your existing digital properties have a solid foundation, you're wasting that budget. We know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not an arcane and unexplainable tool leveraged behind closed doors. Our team of digital advertising experts sit down with every client and explain what it is we do in ways that they can understand.

    Let Mediaura utilize our award-winning knowledge to help guide your marketing to the next level. Whether you’re looking for Website Development, mobile applications, custom software, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, or any of the other wide-variety of services we offer, Mediaura is here to help. Contact Us or call 502-554-9649 today to begin taking your company or organization to the future.


    Mediaura launches Health Insurance Marketplace Sign Up

    Mediaura is proud to announce the launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace Sign Up website. Developed for one of our clients, it is a free service to the community, where they can help uninsured residents review insurance options on the Health Insurance Marketplace, or help determine if they're eligible for Medicaid coverage or other financial assistance. There is a requirement that each individual carry at least a minimum level of health insurance or face a tax penalty, however most individuals find that signing up for this program can be a confusing process. Our clients have developed a program to help guide applicants through the process, as well as a website, PPC campaigns, and supporting social media initiatives to raise awareness.

    How Does It Work?

    When users first visit the website they are presented with two options; they can elect to simply enter their zip code information or select the "Frequently Asked Questions" link to learn more about the program.

    Website Development

    Users who opt to learn more information and select the "Frequently Asked Questions" button are taken to a page dedicated to answering questions that many users have regarding the Health Insurance Marketplace Sign Up program. The page is organized by the type of questions that users typically have such as:

    • Inquiries specific to the health insurance marketplace and assistance
    • Questions specific to the coverage
    • Questions about enrolling into the program
    • "What Ifs" scenarios
    • ...much more

    Website Design

    When a user sees a question that they would like the answer to, they simply need to click on the question in order to have the answer revealed. This allows the page to say clean and simple, however users may also select to Expand All and have all of the answers appear directly on the page.

    Website Design

    Once a user has decided that they would like to contact someone for help and information regarding the Health Insurance Marketplace Sign Up program, they merely need to enter their zipcode on the designated box provided on any page of the website. Once their information has been entered they will be shown the nearest facilities and hospitals that will be able to facilitate the sign up process and make sure that they receive the best possible coverage for themselves and their family.

    Website Design

    Recognizing that many clients may be searching for these services through their tablet and mobile devices, Mediaura worked to develop a mobile-friendly website. According to recent research, health industry websites that provide a mobile-friendly option have conversion rate 160% higher than their non-mobile counterparts.

    Mobile Web Design

    PPC and Social Media Initiatives

    Mediaura also worked with this client to develop a social media presence and supporting PPC campaign on various platforms in order to reinforce the messaging and raise brand awareness for their program amongst their target audience. We developed custom targeting pay-per-click and digital advertising initiatives to help our client reach their goals.

    Social Media Management

    Here is just a sample of the customized targeted ads we have developed for the Facebook platform:

    Social Media AdvertisingSocial Media Advertising

    Social Media AdvertisingSocial Media Advertising

    Also, Mediaura has developed an internal application on Facebook that allows users to enter their zipcode and follow this process without having to leave the social media environment. This helps to raise conversion rates amongst users and ties-in with the clients supporting social media initiatives.

    Work With Mediaura On Your Digital Campaign

    Mediaura is a full-service digital advertising agency that allows your online initiatives to integrate and support one another - maximizing your ROI and optimizing your campaigns to the highest possible level. We work closely with our clients to help identify and achieve their goals, leveraging our expertise to take their advertising to the next level. We specialize in creating online advertising campaigns, social media management, and online brand awareness.

    If you'd like to learn more about how Mediaura can work for you, contact us today or give us a call at 502-554-9649 and one of our specialists will work with you on developing your next campaign.


    The Importance of Web Hosting

    So, you're willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month to promote your website with search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing ads, but you're spending less than fifty dollars a month to host your website? While most business owners see the value in content marketing, the importance of a good website often takes a back seat. What most business owners or marketing managers unfortunately fail to realize, is that this line of thinking is detrimental to the success of your brand. Read on to find out why it's so important not to cut corners with your website hosting.

    If your website loads slowly, the user will most likely click the back button in their browser and try another option (most likely one of your competitors) from the search results. If your website is offline, you've lost a sale and your customer's perception of you has changed. If your website loads malware, has been defaced, has had user data compromised/stolen, or maybe shows pornographic images after being hacked, you could have a lawsuit on your hands.

    When dealing with budget hosting solutions you are more susceptible to all of the above. Did you know that Google factors your website performance into their SEO ranking algorithm? So, a slow website will even hurt your search engine ranking.

    Cheap web hosting is great for a startup or a small business that simply needs a website with their contact information and nothing else. We all have to start somewhere. However, if you've spent as little as a dime on advertising for your business, you shouldn't even consider a budget hosting solution. You simply can't afford not having a reliable, secure infrastructure that is being actively monitored and maintained by professionals.

    Imagine spending a few thousand dollars creating a brand new website to promote your business and then you dabble in some PPC advertising, but your website gets hacked because the infrastructure is insecure. You may not even know it, but when people are visiting your site through your paid ads they could be seeing the wrong content or being redirected to a malicious third party site. Yes, some of this has to do with how well your website is built, but on a cheap hosting solution nobody is monitoring this. Who knows how long you will be damaged by this negligence?

    We realized a long time ago at Mediaura that if you want to get the most out of your website, along with your SEO and PPC campaigns, then you must have a fast, reliable infrastructure that is always online and ready to serve your clients. That's why we built our own virtual private cloud that is both PCI and HIPAA compliant, without any single point of failure. We selected Peak 10 as our data center partner and located our equipment inside their facilities. This is truly an enterprise solution, built by experts with over 25 years of experience, being offered at SMB-friendly pricing. Contact Us or call 502-554-9649 today to see how we can help you sleep easier at night knowing your website is online and working for you.


    Google Penguin 3.0 Update Launched

    Google updated its Penguin filter, a filter that targets sites deemed spammy, on Friday October 17th, making it the sixth update for the search engine. This release was one of the most anticipated algorithm updates in Google history. 

    Things you should know about Penguin:

    • It is not a human-driven algorithm
    • It's based on links
    • It only decreases website rankings (your site can go up in rankings due to Penguin, but only if a site above you was affected negatively by the update)
    • It does not inform website owners about being influenced by Penguin

    What's so important about this update?

    Publishers have been anxiously awaiting this update because it's been over a year since the last one occurred. The previous updates weren't nearly so spaced out, and those hit by the last version of Penguin have had to wait until now to see if the actions they took to remove spammy links have worked. If their actions have worked, it's likely their traffic has improved as of this weekend. If not, websites will have to try making more changes and play the waiting game again for Google's next Penguin release. 

    Googlers have mentioned that the next updates will be rolling out on a monthly basis, but it isn't definite. Many people are disappointed with this version of Penguin because the spam tolerance is higher than expected and it didn't fix a lot of negative SEO problems.

    What does this mean for you?

    It's still unsure exactly how many queries this update has affected, but there has been data released that certain sites have been deeply affect by 3.0 recoveries.  The new Google Penguin update is an opportunity to see if you have been keeping a clean link profile. If you notice changes in your PR or rankings, positive or negative, you probably have some analyis to do.

    Here at Mediaura, we are experts at optimizing your website and making sure it adheres to Google's standards. We know SEO is crucial for businesses to flourish on the Internet. Unlike many other ad agencies, we specialize in both programming and advertising. While other agencies aren't able to make sure the programming aspect is up to par with the advertisements being put out, we make sure your ads are getting the exposure they need in a very holistic way. 

    What separates Mediaura from the competition, is that while many individuals claim to be experts on SEO, very few of them have the technical know-how to make the crucial changes to optimize your website’s programming on the back-end. Our team works hard to not only make sure that the foundation requirements of SEO are in place, but we continually revisit your website to insure that it is benefitting from the latest changes and adjustments outlined by search engines, such as Google.

    If you'd like to learn more about how Mediaura’s digital marketing experience can work for you, Contact Us or give us a call at 502-554-9649 and one of our specialists will work with you on making the most of your website.


    Emerging Social Networks

    At Mediaura, we know all about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and how they can be good for businesses, but there are new social networks emerging all the time. And it might be good to keep your eye on some of these up-and-coming platforms. 

    Mediaura employees are beta-testers for a lot of new social networks as a way to test out what could work for our clients in the future. Because many of these sites aren't well developed yet, or some aren't even out for the public or are "invite only," we've only been experimenting with them ourselves and not yet for clients. But, you never know what could be the next break out social media role. 

    So, what are some of the more prominent ones you should be aware of? 

    5 new social networks that could boost your business

    First we'll talk about this invite-only website  (still in its beta stages) that's been branded as the "anti-Facebook." Ello is attempting a different approach to social media, and you've probably heard or seen the name pop up a couple of times by now. But, what does "anti-Facebook" even mean? 

    Ello's legal charter specifically prohibits the sale of ads or user data and declares that any buyer of the social network must also adhere to those rules. Basically Ello has no ads or data mining, so unlike Facebook, there aren't billboards everywhere being targeted at you and the company won't collect and sell data about you to third parties. Doubt it will work? Venture capitalists seem to think otherwise, because Ello recently raised $5.5 million in funding by signing a legal contract binding the website to its promise from ever selling ads.

    Ello will make its money by offering special features. These consist of customization options for a very low cost to make each users experience unique. The site is still working out some kinks, but the cool thing about Ello is that they're adding a substantial list of new features. These include inline video and audio posts from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram and Soundcloud that could just maybe make this site pretty popular for people and businesses alike. 

    While this website probably isn't ideal for companies looking to target or market to an audience, it has become quite popular amongst the creative set and we're interested to see what happens next.

    Thumb and Thumb Pro, which is even better for businesses, is an app-based crowdsourcing platform where users get opinions from other users on everything from an opinion of a new sweater to feedback about new products and services for their company. 

    Thumb has huge potential for small businesses because it has the ability to gauge interest in new products and Thumb Pro allows you to get feedback on:

    • Ad creative & copy
    • Product design
    • New products and services
    • Concepts
    • Pitches & story writing
    • New designs
    • Pre-study testing
    • Pricing
    • Quick polls

    One thing is for certain, and that is that this app is already extremely popular with the masses. According to TechCrunch, Thumb's average usage is currently second only to Facebook's. So chances are, if you haven't already heard of this app, it's only a matter of time before you will.

    Created by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, former employees from Blogger and Twitter, the social network is a mix of what works today: Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. It is a platform for sharing of content, organized into "collections". Medium works because it is a publishing platform for sharing ideas and stories that are longer than 140 characters and isn't designed just for friends in the way Twitter is. It has high quality posts as it was initally used by established journalists and digital space thought leaders. 

    Using Medium for your business is like having a blog for your organization without the commitment of a blog, and you have an automatic target audience. Through a combination of algorithmic and editoral curation, posts on Medium get spread around the internet based on interest and engagement. The site also has an incredible web-based editor. 

    Pheed is a like a combination of Vine and Instagram, as it shares text updates, photos, videos, voice-notes and live broadcasts. Pheed is a free social multimedia platform, available on mobile devices via the App Store, Google Play, and via the web. Businesses may find it beneficial to their needs because users can monetize their Pheeds by charging subscription fees or offering pay-per-view broadcasts. 

    If you're a business with high-value content, Pheed could be a great added revenue stream. With all the different ways you can express yourself on Pheed it allows you to tell a story in a fun and interesting way. Right now, Pheed is mostly focused on businesses in the entertainment or performance industries, but it's quite likely it will continue to expand in a manner similar to Facebook and Twitter. 

    Similar to Pinterest, Learnist is a curation platform with a lot of promise. It describes itself as a tool for "people helping other people learn. Learn something, teach something." There are many sites out there for this sort of thing, but Learnist differs in how it organizes and passes lessons onto the audience and how the audience can interact with them. 

    Small businesses can create curated boards with a plethora of relevant, topic-focused content as a way to gain followers. For a company with lots of training projects, Learnist could be a good online solution because it delivers dynamic content to different user groups. 

    What this means for you 

    If you're trying to expand your social networking strategy, some of these social networks could be worth looking into. Here at Mediaura, we continue to stay on top of social media in order to provide clients with the best branding to generate positive results. You never know, one of these networks might just become an integral part of your social media toolkit in 2015. 

    If you would like to learn more about Mediaura's Social Media Management services or find out what opportunities exist for your business to grow its audience and brand profile, give us a call at 502-554-9649 or visit our Contact page. A member of our team will be happy to talk with you and discuss how Mediaura can leverage our expertise to achieve your goals.




    Mediaura launches Just A Touch mobile app

    Mediaura is proud to announce the launch of the latest app for our client Just A Touch. Mediaura worked closely with owner Peggy Miller to design a simple, yet effective, mobile app that would realize her vision on both Android and Apple iOS platforms.

    What Is Just A Touch?

    Mobile App Design

    With Just a Touch, emergency help can be contacted through an app designed for small children, the elderly, or those with a physical impairment. The mobile app was designed to utilize large, recognizable images, that will eliminate the extra steps required to solicit help during an emergency situation. This app makes it easier for young people, the elderly, and people with disabilities or impairments to make important phone calls or send predefined text messages using pictures instead of names or numbers. The app includes pictures that you can use in setting up your contacts, or you can add your own.

    Mobile App Features:

    • Preset Message Options
    • Programmable Contacts
    • Large Easy Touch Buttons

    How It Works

    Mobile App Design

    To get started, users can download the FREE Just A Touch mobile app via the Just A Touch website, or through the Android or Apple iOS app stores. At both app store locations, users are able to view screenshots, read an overview of the Just A Touch mobile appl, as well as write and read reviews and of the product itself submitted by other users. Downloaders are also able to rate the mobile app for other users to see.

    Example of the Android Mobile App Store:

    Mobile App Design

    After the app has been downloaded and installed on your phone, you will see the Just A Touch mobile app icon on your smartphone's homescreen. To open the app, you simply need to touch or click on the icon and the Just A Touch app will appear onscreen.

    Mobile App Design

    When the mobile app is opened, users will see four large button icons identfying:

    • The Police
    • An Ambulance
    • The Fire Department
    • A Designated Contact

    As well as buttons to:

    • Adjust/View Settings
    • Close the app

    Mobile App Design

    When a user selects an icon, they are immediately taken to a screen where they are provided with the option to call or text the emergency service or contact selected. For example, this is how the screen will appear after a user selects the Police icon button. The user can also select "cancel" where they are taken back to the homescreen where they can select another service if necessary.

    Mobile App Design

    The screen for Police, Ambulance, and the Fire Department all follow the same design, making it simple for users of all capabilities to use in the case of an emergency.

    Just A Touch also recognizes that there are times when an emergency situation may arise for an individual yet they do not require the 9-1-1 services of these government agencies. For occurences such as these, we have designed a customizable In Case of Emergency button for users that allows them to preprogram an emergency contact of their choice, along with photos of that individual.

    Mobile App Design

    Setting up the designated In Case of Emergency contact is very easy for users to do. Users simply need to click on the "Settings" button on the homescreen where they are provided with the option to edit their I.C.E. contact. By selecting "edit" they are taken to a screen where they can customize:

    • Icon Image with a photo
    • Phone number of Emergency Contact
    • Preprogram a text messsage to the recipient

    Mobile App Design

    When you select the "Edit Picture" button you are given the options of Uploading a Photo from your gallery or taking a photo with your phone's built-in camera. When you select with method you would like to you, the area that will be visible/usable for the icon is identified and you simply need to take the photo to have it populate the icon screen.

    Mobile App Design

    The icon for the In Case of Emergency Contact will now appear as follows:

    Mobile App Design

    To continue customizing this contact, you are able to add the individual's name, number, and write a custom text message that will be saved for future use. You are able to select contacts from your address book/contact list that already exists on your phone or by directly inputting the name and numbers into the fields provided.

    Mobile App Design

    Once you have added the I.C.E. contact information you can compose a text message that will be saved for future use. This is the message that can appear when a user is in an emergency and selects the "Text" button.

    Mobile App Design

    Once all of the required information has been added, you simply hit the "Save" button and the user profile and information is stored for future use in the app. You are able to add additional contacts through the "Settings" button as well as customize the images and numbers for the government services icons as well.

    Mobile App Design

    The app has been purposefully designed to be efficient, easy-to-use, and customizable for the user. It is especially handy for users who when faced with an emergency may not know or remember the number of their emergency contact.

    Mobile App Design

    There are different paths that you can take when making the decision to go mobile; mobile applications, responsive-website design, mobile website, etc... but the most important part is that you do it. Mediaura develops custom mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices in house, and with a strategic partnership we also support expanding our services to Blackberry and Windows mobile platforms. We specialize in creating CMS powered Mobile Apps so that you can easily update your content via a secure web portal. No project is too large or small for Mediaura when it comes to mobile!

    If you'd like to learn more about how Mobile can work for you, contact Mediaura today or give us a call at 502-554-9649 and one of our specialists will work with you on designing your application.


    Welcome to the team Sarah!

    Who says that computer programming is a man's world? Not the team at Mediaura where we're proud to announce our latest team member Sarah. With an education and background in both design and programming she has already transitioned nicely into the cross-training focused Mediaura team. Sarah's already been able to offer valuable insight and her project turnaround time is quite impressive. Naturally we had to ask her our favorite questions...

    1.You are stranded on a deserted island, what three things do you have with you and why?

    These are my three necessities: Macbook, Wifi, and my cat Chubs.

    2. What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

    I’ve been learning palm-reading, and tarot cards.

    3. Favorite Album?

    As of right now: The Definition by Jon Bellion.

    4. It's your last meal, what do you eat?

    Italian food. More specifically, Chili or Alfredo.

    5. Favorite Movie?

    Hellraiser, because it was the start of my Horror film addiction. Plus I'm obsessed with Pinhead.

    6. Name one thing you can't live without.

    Novels. I am in love Jane Austen novels, and collections of memoirs from various authors.

    7. How do you like to spend your free time?

    Blogging or binge watching movies and tv shows.

    8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    Italy, because I'm tired at just looking at photographs.

    9. Why did you want to be a programmer?

    I love that the industry is forever changing, there is always something new to learn, new trends to follow, new devices to play with, etc.

    10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

    Time-traveling because I always get told I’m an Old Soul.


    Mediaura Launches Blue River Cabinetry

    Louisville, Kentucky's digital agency Mediaura has been working with Blue River Cabinetry to launch the new Blue River Cabinetry website. 

    About Blue River Cabinetry  

    • Blue River was founded in 1994 by three Amish craftsmen in Fredericksburg, Indiana and was built upon a solid foundtation with one goal: to make the best hand crafted, custom cabinets in the region.
    • In 2003 the company was sold to Mike Metheny and Randy Scherer, two local businessmen who modernized the manufacturing process.
    • As of 2013, Blue River teamed up with Neace Ventures in order for the company to grow and improve. The combination of modern technologies and old world principles allows the company to deliver top quality custom cabinetry to local dealers in the Midwest region. 
    • The company uses 100% custom hand crafted wood to create incredibly durable cabinets. 

    Blue River Website Design 

    Mediaura worked with the marketing and design team of Blue River Cabinetry to create a website that emphasizes the company's custom products in a sleek and accessible way. 

    Website development

    The image above is the website home page, where visitors can scroll through images of Blue River Cabinetry work displayed in customers homes. You can also scroll through to browse cabinets by style, finish and wood type. Our goal here was to provide visitors with the most efficient navigation to content as possible. 

    website development

    In the Our Story tab, you can read about the history of the company by looking at a simplified timeline. Also located under the Our Story tab, as shown below, is the option to find a local dealer and the showrooms that feature Blue River's work by using a map of your current location. 

    website developmentwebsite development

    The Inspiration Gallery page shows examples of cabinetry in actual clients' kitchens and bathrooms as well as examples of specialty items like customized desks, wardrobes and drawer boxes. Each section is easily navigable and contains a handsfree scroll option. 

    website development

    The products page contains a link to to all of the styles and finishes Blue River offers with pictures of each cabinet style, wood species and finish as well as complete cleaning and care directions for treating your cabinets. 

    website developmentwebsite developmentwebsite development

    The press tab shown below leads to examples of Blue River Cabinetry mentioned in leading newspapers and in multiple testimonials. 

    website development

    The contact us tab directs you to an integrated comment form where you can ask questions or leave comments.

    website development

    The careers option allows you to download an application, see open positions and view job descriptions. 

    website development

    The dealers only tab offers up a page where dealers can make inquiries using customized bars to use type of work and scope of work and there is also the option to login as a dealer. 

    website developmentwebsite development

    Mobile Friendly Web Design

    As with all of our custom-website, Mediaura's design for Blue River Cabinetry is designed for optimized mobile viewing.

    Mobile Website

    Let Mediaura Build Your Website

    To learn more about Blue River Cabinetry and the services they offer, please visit their website here.

    For more details on our website development and services offered by Mediaura please visit our contact page or give us a call at 502-909-3099 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. 

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