The Faces of Mediaura

Our team takes pride in the work we do, and we’re always on hand to explain and educate along the way. Each one of our team members is driven by the same passion: a constant urge for quality and creative work that speaks to the client. We put people first; because that’s the way it should be.


Andrew Aebersold


Last Meal: Amy's Homemade Pizza
Vacation Spot: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Favorite Color: Red


Amy Aebersold


Favorite Vacation Spot: Harry Potter World
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films
Title of Autobiography: The art of Snark and Stabbing, a love story


Corey Capps

Director of Operations

Vacation Spot: New Orleans
Favorite Movie: Shine
Title of Autobiography: He Did What?!


Dawn Geary

Director of Marketing

Favorite Color: #37546f
Title of Autobiography: The Miracle of Maintaining Sanity
Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters


Rachel Avery


Favorite Color: Green
Vacation Spot: Caribbean
Title of Autobiography: Integrity, Intelligence, Energy


Ashley Blakemore

Director of Business Development

Theme Song: Stayin’ Alive
Last Meal: Hot Wings with Blue Cheese
Title of Autobiography: Love, Laugh and Toot…my trumpet that is!


Melissa McCarty

Account Executive

Favorite Condiment: Ketchup, I put that s**t on everything
Title of Autobiography: I Can't Make This Stuff Up
Favorite Hobby: Being in good company


Jessica Porter

Creative Director

Favorite Hobbies: Hiking & Crafting
Favorite Condiment: Hot Sauce! Not the sissy kind.
Spirit Animal: Otter


Kellie Oates

Senior Copywriter

Spirit Animal: A hot dog
Favorite Movie: Lost in Translation
Title of Autobiography: Somehow I Manage


Kaelin MacDonald


Title of Autobiography: Confessions of a Crazy Dog Mom: the Kaelin MacDonald Story
Favorite Hobbies: Drawing & Painting
Spirit Animal: Night Owl


Michael Kolesar


Title of Autobiography: Why are you reading this?
Favorite Band: Jimmy Eat World
Vacation Spot: Las Vegas


Joe Vance

Designer, Front-End Developer

Favorite Hobbies: Drawing, or creating of any sort.
Favorite Condiment: Bourbon
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction


Sarah Brown

Digital Designer & Developer

Title of Autobiography: The S**t Sarah Says
Spirit Animal: a Rhino, obviously
Favorite Hobby: Party Planning


Amelia Veron

Content Manager & Developer

Title of Autobiography: No thanks, I'm Good
Favorite Condiment: Tabasco
Favorite Hobby:  Painting


Jordan Williamson

Digital Designer & Developer

Title of Autobiography: "No, You Can't Touch My Hair"
Favorite Condiment: Hot sauce
Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko


Nick Waller


Title of Autobiography: The Story of How I’m Still Alive.
Spirit Animal: me looking at a photograph of myself making a funny face
Favorite Condiment: SALT!


Chris Sneed

Applications Developer

Favorite Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Title of Autobiography: Daydreaming Again


Ben Whitaker

Integrated Marketing Strategist

Favorite Song: "Simple Man" - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Spirit Animal: Eagle
Title of Autobiography: Maverick Mastermind of Digital

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