East Coast Saloons

How We Leveraged A National Restaurant Group’s Digital Platform

East Coast Saloons (ECS), a management company that operates bars and restaurants nationwide, contacted Mediaura to leverage our Digital and Search Engine Optimization expertise for conversions, branding awareness and design.

ECS had a long-standing partnership with a website design firm before coming to us, but their digital marketing was being outsourced to a third-party entity. Unsatisfied with their results, they came to us after a recommendation from an ECS staff member who was familiar with our reputation regarding digital marketing and service quality. East Coast Saloons elected to redirect their PPC, Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization services to our headquarters instead.

The Mediaura Approach

With multiple locations across the US, ECS wanted to increase branding awareness, party bookings and event attendance at each of their properties.

ECS selected 5 keywords that they wished to target and leverage for SEO at 30 designated locations throughout the US. Prior to Mediaura’s involvement, these keywords were not ranked in the Top 100 on Google Search Engine returns, but represented strong conversion goals for the company.


Locations across the U.S.


Keywords tracked per location


Out of 5 keywords at each location now rank in top 3


Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Right

With the improved user-experience, content and calls to action, the new site is not only reaching a much larger audience, but it is providing My Health E users with a more enjoyable and informative experience and getting them the information they need in the fastest way possible:

  • Quality Score
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Page Structure
  • Programming Elements
  • Backlinks
  • Neighborhood/Meta Data
  • Competitor Comparison
  • Semanitc Structure
  • Design Score

After examining this report, Mediaura was able to make recommendations for improvement that incorporated a holistic approach to all digital properties – leveraging the presence of:

  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC advertising to increase
  • Search Engine Return Performance (SERP)
"Since switching to Mediaura a year ago, I have been impressed not only by their attentive customer service and follow through on our requests, but also by their ability to help our company understand concepts that previously felt beyond our grasp. I have a better understanding of SEO concepts thanks to Mediaura's transparency and patient explanations.”
- Kristi Paris, Marketing Coordinator

We closely monitored East Coast Saloon’s SEO performance and adjusted to audience response and algorithm changes in order to execute the most cost-effective campaign that would optimize ROI for our client.

“I communicate daily with the ECS’s Sales and Marketing Supervisor to make sure the content they’re generating is aligned with our SEO campaign. Each month, we walk them through their SEO performance data to ensure their benefits are being maximized and we are continually improving their digital presence.”
- Melissa McCarty, Mediaura Account Executive

Our efforts had an immediate impact across all East Coast Saloons locations in regards to both form submissions and online engagement. Since we started this campaign, Mediaura has provided East Coast Saloons with measurable service growth.

  • SEO Ranking Audit
  • Search Engine Return Performance Reporting
  • Google Analytics Intergration
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Collaboration with third-party web designer
  • User Flow Tracking
  • Content dispersion
  • A/B Testing

Getting You To The Top

Within a matter of a few weeks, Mediaura was able to raise a majority of their keywords to the top position, and the bulk of the remaining keywords are now within the top 10 (page one) of Google Search Engine Returns. The few keywords that remain in the top 20 (page two) we have audited to determine if adjustments need to be made within the
website content or to the keyword/phrase directly.

Mediaura works with East Coast Saloons staff on a bi-weekly and quarterly basis in order to review report materials and help them garner a better understanding of our recommendations and performance insights.

We know that digital marketing works and what it can do for your brand. If you’d like to learn more about Mediaura’s digital marketing capabilities, our representatives would love to talk to you.