Long John Silvers

How We Engaged Over 14.5 Million Unique Users On
Facebook In Just 3 Weeks.

Captivating users on one of the world’s most competitive social media advertising platforms is no easy task, but together with Long John Silver’s, we raised awareness and helped to grow their fanbase in a very brief period of time.

Long John Silver’s wanted to raise brand awareness while informing consumers about Transfat alterations to their menu items. Their marketing team turned to Mediaura as their digital partner to develop an online campaign that would
help increase conversions for the Long John Silver’s brand.

Developed by Mediaura the Invite-A-Friend promotion is an Interactive Facebook tab, designed exclusively for Long John Silver’s that allows fans of the restaurant to select friends from their Facebook page that they would like to invite to dine with them. Users who successfully register for the offer qualify to receive a coupon for 2 FREE 20 oz. soft drinks when
purchasing one of Long John Silver’s a 2 for $10 meals.

Mediaura’s Strategy

Long John Silver’s was faced with the difficult task of engaging consumers regarding the transition of new menu items. Previous adjustments to menu items had not historically been widely-embraced by consumers within the realm of social media. Mediaura’s task was multi-faceted:

  • Raise awareness about the Long John Silver’s
  • Get users to respond positively to the difference
  • Compel users to engage with the limited-time coupon offers

When any organization makes amendments to legacy products or items, they can be met with skepticism or a negative response. Mediaura’s approach was designed to incorporate positive messaging throughout the campaign to pre-empt any doubt while creating advocates among their user base.


Thousand coupon offers claimed


Million users researched for branding awareness


Thousand Facebook interaction

The benefit of digital advertising within the realm of social media is scalability and reach. Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, brands are able to specify their audience demographic, schedule timing, and reach a specific location(s).

Long John Silver’s, for example, did not have the benefit of millions of followers on their Facebook back. However, through our meticulous strategic approach and knowledge of the brand audience, we were able to execute a campaign that was shown to an audience many times larger than a traditional print advertisement.

Mediaura established the user audience and demographic data, as well as the functional requirements needed for execution of the coupons. After being presented with the online offer, users were able to “claim” the offer for use prior to the expiration date. If a user had not yet redeemed their coupon, they received a reminder email two days prior to the expiration period.

Each week Mediaura provided detailed performance reports to the Long John Silver’s marketing team, recommending changes, providing insights, and feedback regarding the Facebook campaign. Communication was vital to this brisk campaign, and both the Mediaura and Long John Silver’s teams needed to be able to make quick edits, provide timely feedback, and expedite agile decisions.

“Mediaura is a very dependable and strategic digital partner. We can count on them to get projects and requests completed, even when we are in a pinch. They truly share a passion for our brand that shows in their delivered work and commitment.”
– Amiee U'sellis, Associate Field Marketing Manager

The obvious challenge of this project was to engage users in a positive, long-lasting way that would raise awareness for the Long John Silver’s brand while simultaneously creating advocates for their menu product adjustments. By leveraging social media, Mediaura was able to enact a social media marketing campaign that accomplished all of these goals, in a cost-effective manner.

  • Research & Planning
  • Facebook Performance Audit
  • Facebook Application Development
  • User Experience
  • Graphic Design
  • Targeted Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Management (Facebook)
  • Digital Campaign Implementation
“Long John Silver's has always been a pleasure to work with. They have total confidence in our team and we enjoy working for a company that is constantly looking towards the future success of their brand. We are exited to be part of their growth and are proud to be their strategic digital partner."
– Ashley Blakemore, Director of Business Development

What We Learned

The Facebook marketing promotion had a direct impact on overall Facebook page traffic and shares to other users and online sources, thus raising the branding profile for Long John Silver’s beyond its existing followers base. Digital marketing on the social media network was the strongest component for introducing new users to the Long John Silver’s brand within the digital realm. The offer had a strong response and increased user engagement with the Facebook Page, generated a positive brand response, and increased user traffic to the website through shared sources and page comments from networked users.

We know that social media advertising works and what it can do for your brand. If you’d like to learn more about Mediaura’s digital marketing capabilities, our representatives would love to talk to you.