How We Helped Make Wellness Education Easy To Find For The Public

Mediaura launched a website redesign for a company called My Health E, a patient advocacy site that collaborates with health educators to access events nearby. As a health education business focused on helping people find local classes and events through their website, it was extremely important for us to optimize their site and make it as easy to use as possible.

My Health E is a company trying to merge patient health education into one cohesive website. The website is the primary focus of the company, and is essentially their livelihood, so we realized just how important it was to create something simple, sleek and user friendly that people would want to continuously come back to for event information.


Problem Solving For Clients

My Health E felt that their current website was essentially ineffective for their goals. It needed an updated image with a professional feel and a more navigable design. The navigation of a website is a key component that stands between the user and the user’s goal, and this element is especially important for My Health E, as their main service is finding events through their website. Their former website was copy heavy and disorganized, giving search engines a hard time making heads or tails of it, which left them with little to no search traffic. As a business trying to merge patient health education, the overall state of My Health E’s website was really hurting their ability to be seen by their audience.

The caveat to the whole project was that the new redesign needed to be done in an extraordinary short amount of time.

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Days to complete design


Days to program and launch


Health topics requiring a custom build


A Prescription For Improvement

Mediaura saw an opportunity to improve user experience, better navigation, enhance content and create a brand supportive design. We implemented a fully responsive website for My Health E, which organizes users appropriately for the exact sections and event categories they are looking for. We made the distance to the “Find an Event” call out form as short as possible by placing it on the landing page and keeping it concise so user’s aren’t bombarded with information. Mediaura cleaned up the copy to grow reach by taking existing content and making it concise, informative and SEO friendly. The platform is now easy to use and the new design is sleek and inviting, elevating the user experience while providing a consistent brand experience.

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Mediaura’s staff. They took the My Health E website from good to great.”
- Laura Watier, CEO

Mediaura has an extensive legacy of doing what it takes to help clients meet their goals and timelines. We know that emergencies happen, and often arise unexpectedly for clients. All of our clients, regardless of project size, are always treated as if they are the most important client. Mediaura’s commitment to excellent service is just one of the many things that set us apart.


A Healthy Recovery

With the improved user-experience, content and calls to action, the new site is not only reaching a much larger audience, but it is providing My Health E users with a more enjoyable and informative experience and getting them the information they need in the fastest way possible:

  • Research & Planning
  • Website Architecture
  • UX/UI Interface
  • Content Management System
  • Custom Database Design
  • Responsive Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Form Integration
  • Custome Software Development
“By applying cleaner and updated design and navigational changes, we made the My Health E website more user friendly. We were given only a few weeks to improve this site. The team rallied and met the challenge, head on. The client was extremely easy to work with and looked to us as the experts to take her site to the next level of performance. We can’t wait to continue the partnership."
- Melissa McCarty, Mediaura Account Executive

We know what a fresh website redesign can do for your brand. If you’d like to learn more about Mediaura’s digital marketing capabilities, our representatives would love to talk to you.