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An Invested Client

Appomattox River Company, founded by Bob Taylor in 1977, hails their claim to fame as the largest canoe and kayak specialty store around. Passionate about all things paddle sports, Bob and the members of his company are knowledgeable in both classic and cutting-edge paddle sports such as white-water kayaking, canoeing, SUP, sea kayaking, and kayak fishing. Their inventory boasts a whopping nearly 3,000 items in paddle-craft, often featuring great buys and special deals. Located in Virginia, Appomattox River Company prides themselves in being the paddle sports experts who will not only sell you a great product but provide support and educational information to their consumers.

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A Complex Problem

When we took on this project, Appomattox River Company was having problems with their current e-commerce platform. It was over-customized and had an outdated system that was causing issues with their inventory. They were at a decision point of either upgrading their current system or going with our recommendation to move the e-commerce platform and design a completely new website.

It was a pretty complex project, with almost 3,000 items (some up to 5 or 6 additional variants, and many high ticket items), so the client was understandably concerned about the transition but was comfortable with our expertise to create a smoother transition for them.

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Project Details

  • Complete site redesign and build
  • Nearly 3,000 products with up to 14,000 variants on e-commerce site
  • Converted from Magento to Shopify
  • Blog implementation and migration
  • ShipperHQ shipping and freight integration
  • Amazon and Google merchant sellers set-up
  • Social media integration
  • Facebook Messenger integration
  • Created custom tagging system to sort and form collections from products

A Successful Result

After completely redesigning and building a new website for Appomattox River Company, we integrated their Shopify inventory with their existing POS. We converted nearly 3,000 products with all their variants from Magento to Shopify and implemented ShipperHQ shipping and freight integration. Taking it a step further, we created a custom tagging system to sort and form collections from their products. We also migrated their blog and set up Amazon and Google Merchant. Finally, we integrated their social media platforms and Facebook Messenger.

The end result is a beautifully designed and high functioning site that supports the e-commerce needs of Appomattox River Company and showcases its products and paddle sport culture.

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