Cadella's Logo

Turn your memories into
fashionable keepsakes.

The Client

Cadella’s is an innovative fashion company in Southern Indiana that specializes in unique interchangeable photo jewelry.

Lori Unruh’s passion for capturing memories with photography and her love of jewelry inspired her to start Cadella’s. Believing in celebrating all of life’s blessings, her mission is to provide consumers with the joy of customized pieces that capture their happiest moments with their loved ones.

Cadella’s takes its vision a step further by hosting live audience Facebook Live events regularly to raise money for charitable causes, donating ticket sales and sponsoring product giveaways.

The Project

Cadella’s came to Mediaura with an outdated and constantly crashing WordPress e-commerce website which was proving to be frustrating for consumers and costing jewelry sales. Lori and the Cadella’s team was looking to partner with an agency to address current issues and to learn how to help their small business thrive online.

Cadella’s was also open to trying our Target Match Technology to craft targeted Facebook ads for their specific business needs. Our team here at Mediaura was happy to partner with Cadella’s in achieving their goals.


The Process

First, we moved the Cadella’s website to our hosting solution to address the crashing issues their customers were experiencing. Once we addressed this concern, we began working through our extensive SEO audit to fix any underlying optimization problems and advance their on-page SEO.

Once the e-commerce website was functioning well for Cadella’s, we began utilizing our proprietary Target Match Technology by crafting targeted Facebook ads campaigns for their business.

If I was asked what blessings I have come across during the growth of my business, one of them would definitely be Mediaura! The knowledge they have along with their willingness to help is incomparable to any other website company around!
Loir Unruh, Cadella's

The Results

By migrating the website to our hosting and fixing any development issues, Mediaura’s team drastically improved the performance and speed of the Cadella’s e-commerce website. This allowed Cadella’s to feel at ease when doing a Facebook Live about a new product, without having to worry about the traffic crashing their website. Their customers have had a smoother experience without the site-wide glitches.

The Facebook targeted ads campaign we designed for them yielded great results of a 40:1 conversion rate the first week, with increasing conversion rates to follow. Knowing that a good advertising strategy involves many pieces, we confirmed that there were significantly higher returns on ads when combined with Cadella’s hosting Facebook Live events.

Through our successful implementation of Mediaura’s Target Match Technologies, we were able to double Cadella’s monthly sales in as short as one week.

We also provided updates to resolve processing hurdles and personal training that allowed the power to remain in their hands.