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Supplying The Best Jeffersonville Coffee Experience

The Client

Located right off the Big Four Walking Bridge in the heart of Jeffersonville, Pearl Street Game & Coffee House is more than just a place to grab a morning brew.

At Pearl Street Game & Coffee House, all ages are welcome to come in and take a break, play some games, and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while engaging in face-to-face conversation. Promoting community connection and supporting local businesses motivates Pearl Street to partner with local bakeries, restaurants, coffee roasters, and more. So we were happy to take on their project when they approached us with their website design and development needs.

Pearl Street Game & Coffee House - Mobile Homepage Design

The Project

When Pearl Street Game & Coffee House came to us, they did not have an existing website. They had been relying on word of mouth and social media to publicize their business, but with growth were ready to take the next step. We at Mediaura were happy to team up with Pearl Street Game & Coffee House to form a perfect partnership.

Popular for their open game nights, tournaments, movie showings, and as a meeting place and party venue, relying on Facebook to book events was proving to be overwhelming. With their inbox being flooded with reservation requests, it was becoming difficult to keep up with everything on social media. Thus, their need for a solution to channel all requests: an efficient, attractive website.

Pearl Street Game & Coffee House - Landing Page
Pearl Street Game & Coffee House - Homepage Mockup
The Process

While Pearl Street needed a functional website, we saw this as an opportunity to have fun and express our creativity because Pearl Street Game & Coffee House is a unique artistic space with distinct geek culture. Our creative team sat down with owners Andrew and Jordan to talk about their company and their customers. We learned that their vision extended beyond selling quality coffee to be a hub for individual communication and community connection.

Through our discussions with them, our team discovered an opportunity to create custom branding for their main events, giving the coffee house an elevated branding experience and embracing their love for the gaming community.

The Result

Through working closely with the owners of Pearl Street Game & Coffee House, the Mediaura creative and development team was able to design and build a highly customized website in less than three months.

This unique site was completely built mobile-first and implements new technologies, trending design elements, fun animations, nerdy content creation, professional photography, and a roasted earthy color palette. Writing the content with the users always in mind, we had fun hiding a few gems that gamers will appreciate. We also custom branded each of Pearl Street Game & Coffee House’s main events such as Magic Constructed League, Open Game Night, Magic the Gathering, and Movie Night.

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