We design compelling brand communications, user experiences, and more.

As a design agency, our team of creatives keeps up with the latest design and marketing trends to develop up-to-date marketing tools for your business that are congruous with your brand, giving you consistent and desirable messaging to promote across multi-channel platforms.
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01Strategizing Creative Projects

Before any creative work begins, our team will sit down with you to ask discovery questions, get a feel for your brand, and understand your needs. Then, we will do internal research followed by time to work on strategy the best marketing and digital experience. Finally, we will begin work with a project kickoff.

02Designing Your Business

Working with our creative experts, we will strategize your creative marketing — providing you with the proper marketing tools you will need to become a successful business. Improving your ROI, brand engagements, and more.

03Designing For User Experience

Our team of creatives and developers take the needs of your business, as well as the needs of your users — giving everyone the experience and usability they need.
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Branding Design Development Strategy

Creative Strategy

We will construct a comprehensive blueprint for navigating the nuances of your brand, utilizing everyone on our team – from marketing, copywriting, design direction, interactive, and social media – to come together to ensure that everything works together to create one streamlined system that brings your project to a successful launch.

Content Strategy

In content strategy, we help you manage all the content you have for your business. This begins with planning and creation, which leads to delivery and governance of the content. As your content strategists, we will investigate your goals and audience to determine voice and tone, so that we can assist you in creating meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content. Our strategy includes ensuring that we tell your brand story in one cohesive messaging across all platforms including verbiage, images, graphics, and tone.

Graphic Design

The Mediaura team offers graphic design solutions to fit your needs, from branding to print; we produce design work that gives our clients the upper hand in all aspects of their business.

UI/UX Prototyping

UX design (user experience design) focuses on functionality, usability, and user adaptability. The process of making a seamless experience for users is a high priority for our UX design team. UI design (user interface design) is an intuitive process focused on making technology easy for people to use. Our UI design team uses customer analysis, design research, branding, graphics development, and user guides when creating interface prototypes, interactivity, and animations to ensure smooth adaptation to devices and screen capabilities. Both UI and UX are crucial to an interactive product.

Web Design

Web and App design involves blending UX/UI processes to create a presence and experience that accurately reflects your company’s brand. As your Web/App design partners, we provide you Architecture, Wireframe/Layout, Content, Design, Modern Coding/Development Standards and Practices, Content Management Systems, Quality Assurance Testing, Security, and Maintenance

Presentation/Print Collateral

Even in this digital age, print collateral is still an effective and relevant way to market your business because it appeals to people’s physical senses. Well-designed material gives people a way to touch your brand, and that experience combined with brand consistency builds trust in the consumer’s mind. From business cards, letterheads, advertisements, posters, billboards, signage, and more, we’re here to make you look good.

Digital Photography

Our team creates custom photography for you utilizing modern techniques and the latest style trends. Our expertise in photography and digital editing will ensure your brand personality shines on stage. We can provide custom staging in our office, and also have the capability of meeting you off-site where you’re most comfortable. Our photography and editing strategy is backed by market research to elicit the reactions you deserve.

Illustrations & Iconography

Custom illustration and iconography offer another layer to the user’s experience that a cookie cutter icon set can’t achieve. Our designers create a series of graphics and icons that carry a consistent aesthetic which can be used across any possible media you can imagine. You differentiate yourself in the details, and custom iconography is one way to catch the eye of the user, giving you a distinct look that cuts through the oversaturated digital market.

Social Content Creation

Taking your brand’s goals into consideration, we combine our marketing expertise and research of your target consumer to create dynamic social content. Through custom media, photography, static or motion graphics, illustrations, messaging, and short videos, we produce impactful and engaging social experiences for your followers across all of your platforms.