Mediaura started as a website developer.

Mediaura has grown to perfect our sprint process to give you quality marketing tools for your business. Our team of architects is proficient in various web and application programming to suit your brand’s needs. Do you need a website developer?
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01App Development Experts

Bringing your app idea to life is our ideal project! Collaborating with the creative and development teams your app becomes exactly how you envisioned it and lets your users go on a journey with you through the experience of the application.

02Built To Last

Using technologies and techniques to match today’s design and development needs, our proven stable development practices ensure your software scales gracefully. We envision how your needs will grow and proactively code for future enhancements. We monitor performance and discover issues and bottlenecks — we don’t try to predict them.

03Keeping Your Data Safe

Mediaura Hosting Solutions are customizable to fit your businesses needs. We are the leading experts in internet security, managed hosting solutions, and cloud development that helps your business and data stay protected. Giving you one less thing to worry about.
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Appomattox River Company

Design Development

Website Development

We are WordPress Experts and a WP Engine Agency Partner, Shopify & WooCommerce Experts, and Laravel Developers. We provide a full digital experience, believing that quality websites are the most valuable marketing tool.For us, creativity doesn’t stop at the design stage. We develop websites with not only users in mind but with the content editors as well. Before deploying to production environments, we do thorough testing on multiple devices, mediums, and check browser-compatibility. Ensuring you get the quality assurance your brand deserves. It’s important to us to keep up with new technologies and frameworks to give you and your users the most updated and trending digital experience.

Web App Development

We are Web Applications Developers and Mobile Applications Developers (iOS & Android), as well as skilled in CMS Integrations. Currently, most of our Web Apps are built using the Laravel Framework. Utilizing our UI/UX development expertise, our web developer teams build Web Portals, Custom e-Commerce Solutions, and Industry-Specific Solutions (such as Healthcare, Education, and Retail).

Native App Development

We have been developing mobile apps since the first generation of mobile software, and are well-versed in native app languages from the latest Swift to the original Objective-c and Java. We implement a UI/UX design for a quality user experience, and our native development process allows the client to see their ideas transformed into a functional app more quickly.

E-Commerce Platform Solutions

Our web developers are skilled in the top e-Commerce platform solutions including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. We utilize results-based development to help increase sales, and analytics to track trends and cart abandonment.

Hosting Solutions

Mediaura Hosting has worked with some of the leading experts in the realm of Internet Security, Managed Hosting Solutions, and Cloud Development to create customizable hosting packages that offer the services you need with the protection that you deserve. Our team members have dedicated themselves to providing our clients with a secure, enterprise-level solution with top-level of service for all of our clients, no matter their size or requirements.