Secure Website Hosting Solutions

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Here at Mediaura, we take online security seriously. We understand how to protect both the hardware infrastructure and the software layer because they are both important. Our private cloud is located in a Tier 3 data center (which follows Tier 4 guidelines) with 24/7 physical and electronic monitoring. We leverage multiple enterprise-grade hardware firewalls to protect our infrastructure from unauthorized third parties over the internet.

One of the biggest flaws we’ve seen with budget hosting solutions is the lack of hardware firewalls, which often ends up with ports for services such as SSH, FTP, Cpanel/Plesk, and MySQL open for anybody to access. Brute force password attacks or a leaked shared password from another system could allow your system to be compromised. With a hardware firewall and restricted access by IP or OpenVPN access, we give you an added layer of security to protect your data.

In addition to hardware and network security, we also understand how important it is to secure your software. Most web customers run some type of content management system (CMS) such as Joomla or WordPress. We are experts at securing and patching these products, and we also have a great deal of experience in undoing the work of a malicious hacker to clean infected sites and get them back up and running.

Our infrastructure follows PCI, SSAE16 & HIPAA compliance guidelines.
  • Hardware infrastructure protection
  • Software protection
  • 24/7 physical and electronic monitoring
  • Hardware firewalls for added security
  • Securing and patching CMS (content management system)
  • Cleaning infected sites that have been the victims of malicious hacking

If Your Website Is Down, Your Customers Are Gone

Cheap, budget website platforms and hosting solutions may seem attractive at first, but those savings won’t seem so spectacular after you’ve damaged your bottom-line and the future of your business because your website and/or database have been compromised.

When your website is down, even for mere moment, it compromises a great deal more than simply your website operations. It negatively affects your brand identity, consumer confidence, and it attracts MORE hackers, etc. Stop putting your business at risk.

Secure Hosting For Any Business

Typically, people think of websites when they think of hosting. And yes – we host websites both big and small. But did you know that cloud hosting is also leveraged for mobile applications?

Keep Your Website Online and Secure

The more presence your business has online, the more you’re at risk for attracting hackers. Using a cheap website platform and hosting solution is putting your online business presence at a large risk of becoming compromised. With more people and companies leveraging the Internet for commerce and information-sharing, security must become a priority for your company.