Content Strategies

The beginning of our strategic process is our marketing strategies. Our way of starting to create those first building blocks for your brand-engagement goals, and social media strategies.
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Mediaura’s Strategy Process.

Your brand is important to us and with our expert team, we can create a perfect content strategy that can boost your online revenue, brand awareness, or in-person sales. As your content strategists, we will investigate your goals and current audience to determine a consistent voice and tone, so that we can create meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content for your brand.

As our strategists do the research for you, they then join forces with our creative team for input on consistent graphics, verbiage, imagery, and tone. Ensuring that we tell your brands’ story in one cohesive messaging across all platforms.

Creative Strategies

Before any creative work begins, our team will sit down with you to ask discovery questions, get a feel for your brand, and understand your needs. Then, we will do internal research followed by time to strategize the best marketing and digital experience. Finally, we will begin work with a project kickoff.

Brand-Engagement Strategies

Beginning with a foundation of brand awareness, brand engagement signifies an emotional connection to your brand from loyal customers. Making your brand relevant, relatable, and sharable all play into the level of engagement you will see with consumers. We customize engagement strategies for your consumer base, according to your specific goals and the needs of your consumers.

Social Media Strategies

Our social media experts will help you craft a social media strategy that fits your brand and business needs. Whether it’s brand awareness, successful online sells, building a loyal fan base, or driving in-person traffic, we can help you achieve your goals. We will help you determine your target audience, distribution channels, and key times to post to achieve optimal success.