Target Match Technologies

Our Proprietary Target Match Technology ensures your product or service is placed in front of the consumers who are most likely to convert to loyal customers. This is a research-based service that provides you higher conversion rates and improved ROI.
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Do you feel inadequate as a company to compete with bigger brands, or have you had mixed results on your digital marketing efforts? We use our targeting expertise to find the right person for your product/service using demographic, geographic, and psychographic data. Our targeting will help you find new consumers who will engage and convert, and increase the incremental sales of your current consumers to fully optimize your campaign. This will provide additional sales revenue and increase the profit margin with a lower cost per acquisition.

There is high importance of defining your target because it is the foundation of marketing. You have a higher capability to dominate your market when you can clearly to identify and understand your target.

We will find out who is already interacting with your brand and identify the same characteristics such as age, location, language, gender, income, spending power and patterns, interests, stage of life, education, occupation, relationship status, ethnicity, personality, attitudes, values, interest, hobbies, lifestyle, and behaviors. We will start broad, and get detailed and specific to understand the target group.

If you have a B2B business, we will take into factor the size of the businesses, and who within the businesses has the buying power. We will also examine who the competitor is reaching to see if there are any differences and anyone they are overlooking that you can target.

Remember, our Proprietary Target Match Technology is highly specific, but it doesn’t alienate anyone. In targeted advertising, no one is excluded from purchasing —anyone can still buy from you. This is about targeting marketing dollars based on research. And we will find those who actually want to buy from you, even if it’s not who you originally thought would be your consumer.

Employing Medaiura’s Proprietary Target Match Technology means that your marketing dollars are used wisely, through narrowing the focus and expanding the reach. By identifying the correct customer, we can reduce budgets and increase conversions. Don’t waste your money by advertising to the wrong audience.

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